This map looks amazing! Too bad it's utter trash


Did you just try to compare old Eichenwald to pairs? A map that hasn’t even been played by a majority in the community. Old Eichenwald was the most dender favor map in overwatch history. Yet you’re trying to convince people that a map hasn’t been fully released is worse than eichelwad.


The first point does favor the defence and honestly they’ve added so many back ways an alley ways for us to just go the same route. There’s one rooftop that you can get over with Pharah, Lucio, doomfist and maybe hammond but like the roof is so low that snipers can easily see it and it’s the only option of flanking without using the main gate. It is literally a even worse choke and entrance then Eichanwalde, it will legit just be a stale mate for both sides and the only compensation for it is that the spawns are hella far


I was talking specifically about 2CP maps


To be honest, the first time I saw this map, I thought of Eichenwalde release point A. It looked like a near exact clone of the same issue Eichenwalde had. An extremely narrow one-way access to the point with an awkward side entrance that is extremely hard to access, especially as a team. I can see this map having point A redesigned, but I could also be wrong.


From my experience it’s just like the other 2CP maps.

Attackers are favoured on point A and defenders are favoured on point B.

It does feel like when each team is in favour they are a little too in favour, it takes something like an extra 2 seconds for most characters to make the journey from spawn to the point so team coordination is highly in demand.

A lot of the map is just open and flat, it makes it quite easy for one pick to escalate.

Certain characters have very low utility on the map so in the future it might cause improved hero utilization but right now goats seems to be one of the better compositions to run on it so it’s not exactly forcing us to make interesting meta changes in the way some other maps have come out.


I’m loving Paris. So much highground, so many flank routes, no real hard choke(I guess the first archway on A, but it’s easy to break), and just beautiful.

Gonna have to explore more in a custom game, but it’s looking like my new favorite 2CP map. The fact that it’s looking really strong map for Sombra isn’t hurting.


The map is horrendous to play on lol


Last point is a complete joke to defend if you bring a Wrecking Ball.
On Horizon or Anubis or Hanamura you get Hammond coming out to stall while his team respawns and steps out to contest, but has to swing back and forth and use all his kit right for maximum survivability, same goes for Mei or Tracer or Reaper stalling.

But Paris, the statue and the size of the point make it ridiculous. You just respawn, hook the statue, spin around at max height, and unless they have inhuman tracking to deal 600 damage to a very fast moving target, a very accurate Roadhog or a Sombra you can just contest forever. And even if you get hooked down, you pop shield, use it to survive until grapple cooldown and get back up there. You can swing higher than Mei wall or Brig bash can reach, only Sombra is a reliable stopper. And then if they DO kill you you hit the usual 2CP defender respawn time issue and you’re back up swinging with a fresh 600hp by the time they’ve killed your respawned teammates.


in my experience its really bad on defense. I’ve had much better luck this evening playing on attack than defense.

  1. GOATs (the utility based comp that everyone is blaming each other for even though it’s utility and not healing or healthpools or damage).
  2. Dive. I don’t need to explain.
    If you can pull off Dive, (Which most of the game can’t), you win.
  3. Literally any Deathball Comp + Lucio.

Mobility = Go to point, you win.
Welcome to 2CP.


Again, for the third time today: the new map has been out for one day. Give it time.

We all know the PTR is useless for actual testing; the real test begins now with the live map. Let them gather some data and if there are issues like the defenders being favoured then they can fix it. They did that with Rialto and now it plays just fine.


I feel like this map is SUPER off-meta (if you believe in that crap) favored. Lots of: walls for hammy, carwash potential for symm, small rooms/hallways for reaper/mei/junk, med-distance sight-lines for orisa.

I’m excited for the potential this maps brings


I guess that’s why a lot of people tells that it’s the most attack favored 2CP in the game (streamers and pros included).


Exactly what I thought too, it’s too attacker favored which is why i hate it, its going to be another 10CP map in comp. Every approach to a point has high ground that favors the attackers and they can lord that over the defenders, and the B point is a flankers paradise, easy in and outs to hit and run, and you get high ground advantage to those actually defending on the point, while the defense has to travel further and commit a spot and can just be outmaneuvered rather than out-fought to defend their point. I think it’s pretty bad altogether, looks pretty as, but the map itself just looks like a balance nightmare.


Trying to take the 2nd point with enemy spawn so close is a nightmare. It’s just a horrible spam fest.
Shame because the map looks incredible .


Every single map gets the same kneejerk reaction posts. Give it a week.


Yeah. The defenders currently are incredibly favored especially on point A with that high ground around all of the paths leading to the point. The point itself is in high ground too.


Good analysis, I have to agree with the sentiment, its pretty, but as far as design goes, with a couple of exceptions, very boring. On top the sky-box is very, very low, its not a good map for Pharah at all. Its a street fight map, like it or not.


Volskaya is wayyyy worse to the point that I think Volskaya should get a rework


Pretty bad map.

No good snipe spots, a few useless sections. Bad choke point to get to 1st point and 2nd point allows defenders to get back to quickly - horizon lunar colony all over all again. Heck the whole map is a horizon lunar colony repeat.

They should have learned from their mistakes.