This map looks amazing! Too bad it's utter trash


This map is probably the most stunning map there is, but gameplay-wise, it’s horrendous.

The defenders are way too favored, even worse than on Eichenwald. I noticed that the first few times I played the map in PTR… Why did nobody else notice that?


This map… Could be anything at this point.


Because you’re wrong. That’s why


Y’know…you should probably give it a week before you call foul.


lol what ? how ?


This dude literally loaded up the game, lost on Attack and jumped right on here lmao.


i’d say that the first point is more defence favoured but the second point is attack favoured.

it hard to attack the first point but its much easier to attack the second point due to how many flank routes there are.


just the second point.

the first point seems attack favored. still haven’t full held or been full held yet.

but the second point. wow. did blizz not learn from horizon? having spawn too close top point is a nightmare


Excuse me? Where have you guys been? The map has been out for a very long time in PTR. And it has not changed a bit now that it’s live.

@Bommer, I literally said in my post that I played the map in PTR, why are you coming in here claiming I’ve only played it once? You’re only creating unnecessary arguments.

And why is that? Most games I’ve seen both playing and seeing streamers play the map it’s almost always defenders that win.


Played on it for a few hours in a semi pro setting. By far the worst map in the game. It’s a long flat map without anything particularly interesting going on. Too open for flankers to do anything unorthadox. No good sight lines for snipers to make big plays. Too many corners for dive to engage without a ton of setup. And too many awkward walls and geometry for things like cool doom fist or hammond plays.

It’s literally just a rein Zaria map on Attack. Maybe if goats gets nerfed it will become an Orissa hog map on defense. But it’s so one dimensional and boring.

New worst map in game 100%


Why didn’t you make a thread until after it was already live? If something was bothering me this much and I knew it was in the PTR, I would’ve spoke up the moment it was announced.


Huh? Personally I feel like it’s way easier to attack on Paris than it is on any other 2CP map.

You have three reasonably wide paths to both points and they’re equally accessible to all members of your team rather than just to the mobile flankers.

Awesome map in my opinion, and I hope the other 2CP maps are someday reworked to emulate the structure of Paris.


I guess giving Defense and Attack the same advantages and weaknesses is too hard for the OW team.


Once again people, the devs always shoot for a 50/50 winrate for both sides on these maps, the only outlier to that so far has been Horizon, give it some time and I’m sure we’ll learn what the ratios are for Paris


I think this always tends to happen with asymmetrical maps. I’m kind of not sure why they don’t make all their maps symmetrical to prevent these problems. Still, beautiful map.


I can’t even get the new patch to download all the way. Anyone else having downloading issues on PS4…?


I didn’t create a thread, because I already made my input as a reply in another thread about Paris. Also, the most talks about this map is how it looks, the piano and such. Not much about the actual gameplay etc. And I also waited for after the PTR, because PTR stands for Public Testing Realm, and things may change. Although it’s very rare Blizzard does change things after PTR. But I do that in all games with betas.

The last point is just a huge mess. Snipers can stand on the elevated area. Then you can have a Torbjörn turret sitting in one of the corners on the other side. You can have most of your team on the point defending whatever direction the attackers may come from. Maybe even sit in a corner as Bastion. And that is just almost impossible to get through. You must first deal with the snipers/hitscans at the elevated area. Then you must deal with their Turret/Bastion sitting on the complete opposite side of the point. At the same time you deal with all their other heroes. And because their respawn area is so close, before you even get to do that, the ones you managed to kill will be back. And if the snipers/hitscans were the first you killed, they will have access to the elevated area, while you must walk a fair bit to even get there. Unless of course you got an ability to jump higher, or fly. Which not a lot of heroes have, at least not that would properly deal with the usual Heroes chosen for that point/map.

This is false. Eichenwalde winrate is leaning more towards defenders. They even talked about this a while back.


Yet another map where Rein is a must pick.


Did it get released into the main game?


That’s exactly how 2cp maps should work. Obviously they shouldn’t be too extreme though.