This is too much

Continuing the discussion from Incoming PTR Changes:

Brig has been nerfed enough, this has gone too far
Especially considering sheild bashs other sheild nerf where she can’t bash through sheilds isn’t even live, and that’s already going to mkae her pretty useless.
But now let’s take away something she was given for a purpose, and let Dive come back full reign(Most likely)!

In other words, Brig is balanced. Please stop over nerfing heroes because the community would rather whine instead of adjust/adapt
It’s what sent Junkrat back into the trash can, and is what’s going to send Doom(Actually he got a net buff, cant wait to see ana and zen mains complain about this one) and Brig into it if you don’t drop this way of balancing and instead balance how you feel it needs to be balanced.

On a side note, would there happen to be any plans for Junkrat, Orisa, and McCree in the works(Preferably buffs)?