This is the wrong Mercy nerf


They Should Listen To You!

You sure know more than people that spent 1000’s upon 1000’s hours into the game!


They are not nerfing Mercy with this. They are nerfing Pharamercy


I agree with balancing around the top levels of play. I have said as much myself.

I strongly disagree with designing the heroes’ kits around what the pros want. It is the players’ jobs to play the game and play it well, not to dictate how the game should be designed in the first place.


I’ve been playing it quite often ever since it came out on PS4. Great game, too bad no cross platform announced of course…


“This is the strongest ability, therefore it makes her OP.”
You don’t understand the meta or Mercy well enough if you can’t even fathom why Resurrect isn’t the issue.


Well considering she was balanced before the rework and the only thing that has changed is rez… I’m gonna say that’s why.


So you don’t understand it then and you shouldn’t be making a post like this claiming that you do.


I support this nerf



Mercy will always be a problem so long as rez is a cooldown ability.

I’m baffled why the devs can’t see that. I’m even more confused why they ever made it a cooldown ability in the first place.

Just rework Mercy again, Blizz. Please.


Glad to see you’re still trolling forums, flagged.


cause they dont wanna admit the rework was a failure that caused more issues then it solved


More shields added since 60 hps buff to Mercy.
Ana has no way to heal through shields.
Moira primary fire can’t pass through shields.

That’s what changed. Mercy being the only main healer that can freely heal through barriers made her the most consistent healer of the support category. It has nothing to do with Rez JFC.

Mercy’s problem is that she is the most consistent on top of having high utility and one has to go.


I can’t wait for a month to pass and all of you people start complaining about Mercy again. “rez is too OP she still has a %14 pick rate NERF HER ALREAdy BLIZZ”


I cant wait for 3 seasons to pass and all of you Mercy mains keep complaining about Mercy. “Rez is useless! RevERT hEr AlrEAdY”


Who says Rez is useless
It’s just a very ill designed ability that only feels like you pull it off by the enemies incompetance or getting babysat by a teammate
Or hiding behind a wall, yeah that thing that the devs wanted to get rid of yeah that’s the only other way you’ll eve rrez


Has anyone said rez is useless? Lmao now you’re grasping at imaginary straws to seem somewhat believable. Sad.


If rez is calculatated by healing . Then you realize it.


I personally think neither rez nor her base healing are the problem. Valk is.

Mercy can get her ult almost every team fight, and it last for pretty much their entire duration, which makes timing it unnecessary and also removes any target prioritization requirement her regular kit has.

In my opinion, while it’s definitely unimpactful, it’s definitely OP (if that makes any sense). It basically multiplies Mercy’s base value up to 6 times for 1/4 of a minute, skewing a battle in Mercy’s favor for way too long.

Upcoming Balance Changes for Support Heroes


Hey folks,

Thanks for the feedback, however we’re going to go ahead and lock this up now. If you have any feedback regarding Mercy (or any of the other changes), we recommend submitting the feedback in this thread.