This is the equivilant of Roadhog's changes

Severe decrease in damage, slightly faster healing.

Brigitte’s non-healing functionality is the entire reason you pick her. Brigitte’s ability to function as a tank is to create space with her presence, similar to pre-nerf Roadhog. Similar to Roadhog’s nerf, you’re taking away the majority of her damage and very slightly increasing the rate she heals. Similar to Roadhog’s nerf, this can’t end well for the game.


i agree that brigs non healing functionality is why she was important, and im happy to even admit that a character that the dev call a tank/support hybrid ought to be able to do so to a certain degree, but would you say that pre nerf brig did that too well and because of her kit, was able to get ineradicable value with little risk. (also preemptive point, i do think she needed a nerf, but im not happy with how blizzard have done it and how they just pile it on and on cos they dont know what to do)

I never had a problem with Brigitte. I thought she was fine to play against, and I had to respect her space in a way heroes such as Reinhardt can’t make me (I mainly play LUcio)

The fact is that pre-nerf Brig did an excellent job of controlling the 6 meters of space around her, and outside of that space you’d never know she was there. Now, she can’t even controll those 6 meters. There is no longer any punishment for getting in Brigitte’s face.

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I partially disagree.
The severe decrease in damage is each 7 seconds if she is in melee range. The slightly faster healing is almost continous if she is in melee range, and it is an AoE effect.
Thus, her healing will be a bit more consistent, and her damage per second has decreased almost 6.5 dps.

She loses the burst damage of shieldbash, but her overall damage remain the same.

Also, her changes in healing are better that they seem: each second, she can provide 100 HP during 6 seconds. This is good for flankers, who can come to brigitte to be inspired and then go to flank again.

She gains 20 continous HP overall during 6 seconds, in an AOE, and loses 45 burst damage each 7 seconds. I think it is a balanced change. Maybe she needs a bit more healing. I would make shield bash triggers inspire

So you don’t remember how Roadhog’s damage was reduced by 33%, but his rate of fire was increased by 33% to keep the DPS the same, even though the effect was vastly different?

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I remember that change because i fell to bronze because of it…

But the roadhog changes did not have in account the reload time, so the actual rate of fire was not 33% higher…

The brigitte changes are similar to roadhog in 1v1 encounters, but not in teambattles.

During the time of roadhog changes, developer told us that he can still use the hook to secure kills with TEAMPLAY, but they didnt add teamplay features to his kit…

Similarly, shieldbash still retains the abity of stunning, so it can still secure kills with TEAMPLAY. But, contrarily to roadhog changes, brigitte’s received a buff in her AOE healing, which encourages teamplay.

Teamplay from 20 meters away. The fact is that the stunned target is right in front of the Hog/Brigitte, and they’re going to live because Hog/Brig can’t follow up on it.

Unless they ask to a partner to confirm the kill.
If brigitte is healing her team with inspire, probably there will be nearly partners who can shoot the stunned foe.

Yeah, how’d that work out for Hog? I heard he was trash for 7 months as a result, which is what I’m getting at here.

Inspire has a 20 meter range. So does Hook for that matter.

Shows how smart the devs are…

Yes, i agree. It is difficult to coordinate woth teammates.
However, remember that roadhog, with those changes, only provides the hook to their team (and the selfsustain…). His damage was lacking, he is an ult battery, and his ultimate is not good…

With the shieldbash changes, brigitte still retains the stun to interrupt abilities, the shield, the boop, the AoE healing, the burst healing and a ultimate more decent than wholehog.

I dont think she will become F-tier. Maybe C-tier.

She won’t be C tier; maybe if her stun still went through shields, but right now she’s a tank who can’t create space.

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Yes, the shieldbash-barrier interaction will decrease her usefulness a lot, specially against reinhardt, and maybe some orisa bunker comps.
Winston barrier last few seconds, symmetra barrier is an ultimate. Against these barriers the effect wont be noticed a lot.

hopefully, the bastion buff could paliate the shield bash nerf by destroying the barriers… We have to wait and see.

She is a tank-support hibrid. If she doesnt creat so much space as before, then she needs a tiny buff to her “supporteness”

Winston Barrier is going to be the worst of the bunch, similarly to how it’s the worst for Ana.

She needs a much stronger buff to her support side to compensate for the loss int he tank side. .667 HPS isn’t gonna cut it.