This is how I #PlayApartTogether - Show me your gaming room!

That’s a nice sofa. Looks comfortable

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Oh god, I looked too fast and thought I saw a furby. Was about to freak out.

Disregard my cable management crawling up the wall like an ivy.

Is that a TI-83 that I see? :eyes:

It provides as much tears as it does happiness

Literally just a tv on a small stand lol


Do not mention the Furbies! They will invade the forums :frowning:

Teletubbies en route.

Noooo… Please. :frowning:

You play without a keyboard? o.O

Too bad i can’t upload pictures

To provide a link without it getting blocked simply put tick marks (the key above tab `) on each side as shown:



I’d make a picture if i actually bothered to clean my room.

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This is where the conspiracy theories happen

You’re in Japan, right?

No Torbjorn body pillow? disappointing

Yeah. Thats like 50% of my apartment in one image. Place so smol

My next question is: how do you survive gaming in summer? My last few summer visits were brutal.

I use this thing called an air conditioner. Its set up to blast directly above my pc keeping me cool

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Well of course, but, the $$$ to keep it running. :eyes: