This is for the MVP on the forum



My proof is in the form of experience, to which I no longer have record of. It doesn’t pertain to WyomingMyst, but it is compelling. However, it breaks the Forum code of Conduct. How then am I able to present factual evidence, if it will then condemn me to punishment?

It’s not an opinion. Opinions are things like, ice cream is delicious. People can disagree and nobody is wrong. Whether someone is employed by Blizzard is a fact not an opinion.

Doesn’t really change my opinion, though. My opinion still stands. I am still of the opinion. But thanks.

Changed the end of the post to help new people feel welcome to what ever tf this is.

The only thing that’s kind of off is the text colour. It makes them look like they’re moderators or Blizzard employees.

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The green text is basically Blizzard’s way of saying, hey strongly consider what they have to say. That being said, my green text is technically relevant for any tech support issues.

A moderator in any capacity will have a shield next to their presented user name/BattleTag.

If only there was a word for that. Like, some sort of “dote.” With characteristics that are “anec”-ey


Just mentioning that is enough along with any experiences that you are permitted to share. If all of it would get you banned, it’s probably better to make the accusation on the subreddit or Twitter rather than bringing it up here.

If they are misrepresenting their employment status, some of their posts may actually be in violation of the law. So it’s honestly a pretty big thing to just toss out there.


Apparently you have to actually see something labeled as “anecdotal” to be able to determine it is anecdotal

Sometimes these forums are so obtuse and literal I don’t even know. You guys honestly make it incredibly easy.

You can have opinions about facts. But they would be wrong if they are counterfactual.


Which is the problem. At least the impression I have. Which, of course, is a personal impression.

Yeaaaaah but, you don’t know that. So far you should go with what you know.

I’ve seen wyoming be plenty critical of blizzards balance before :stuck_out_tongue:

You are abit out there with these. Go with what you know. Until you have proof of it being otherwise.

Wyoming, you have to deal with this every day? I’m so sorry, i will be sure to hug you next blizzcon. :smiley:

Dealing with all this, you deserve it.

Edit: The hug, that is.

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Yep. I would point out that in the old forums, any posts of mine outside of the Tech Support forum would still appear in white (because the old forums could work like that), however any of the game forums where my status as forum MVP is activated, all my posts regardless where have to be in green. So I do have to be somewhat careful with what I say because I don’t want others to think I represent Blizzard.

Realistically, what is important that is my personal policy to do what I can to try and make the Overwatch community a better place and being a forum MVP helps me fulfill that goal. If other opportunities come around to fulfill that goal, I am going to try to pursue those (even if it means an opportunity to join Blizzard as an employee). That being said, outside of Overwatch, I do have personal goals and ambitions that I wish to also pursue.

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Nope. If you make a claim, the burden of proof is on you. The more serious the claim, the greater the burden. You are free to disregard this basic rule of human decency, but to do so is both illogical and rude.

Nobody can make you not rude or make you not complain about the obvious consequences of your actions. But you should at least do so knowing them.


Looking at these comments and seeing people’s posting number makes me really think people just like to argue even if it’s over nothing.


no the mvps dont work for blizz
if they did they wouldnt have said role queue beta stats “didnt affect” ur real sr

Is it? Is it though? I don’t feel like it is. I don’t feel burdened. Nothing is forcing me to prove my opinion. As such, I have to wonder what the “consequences of my actions” are that I am apparently complaining about. So far, none. None at all.

I feel like I am deep seated in reality and you’re blowing hot air. What you are saying sounds nice but it’s really your personal belief, and not what I know to be real.

But please. Preach on, I’m sure someone is reading what you’re saying and thinking “Yes, can I get a hallelujah! Preach!”

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