This is for the MVP on the forum

I don’t know that you know what a complaint is. I see no complaints there. Do you know the textbook definition of a complaint? Have you complained before? Have you ever received one? Before you answer, you should know, those were rhetorical questions. I feel like it’s paramount that I clarify that.

I didn’t read much more beyond the parts you quoted me in; they were the only good parts. You seem incredibly invested in this conversation. I assumed you’d realize a while ago that I’m not. I don’t care about how you feel about societal norms. They do not apply in this space, where there is no one to enforce it.

Feel free to respond. I won’t be, nor will I be reading any dragged out, contrived exposition you have to offer. I need to go make some dinner. Again, have a nice day.


Their Starbucks needs a buff then. They need the cake that Hanzo bought in the Reflections comic.

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Oh, got it. My fault

Hopefully last question:

What’s blizzcon like, I live on the other side of the country so it’s hard for me make it there but I like watching reactions to trailers like the diablo 4 and ow2 and wow SL. Does it seem more amazing when you are sitting there? Because I got goosebumps just from my tv.

you simply cannot read lmao

That’s pretty obviously a complaint. You are expressing your dissatisfaction (using sarcasm) with people trying to change your mind in that post. And expressing your dissatisfaction is literally the dictionary defintion of complaining.

But this tells me a lot about the credibility of your claims. If you can’t correctly define complaining, don’t want to read posts that contain information that runs contrary to your opinion, don’t want to include proof, etc. Then I’m left to assume that your just being defamatory for the sake of it.


Feel free to ask me anything, I just can’t promise an answer. If you are looking for information about Overwatch itself, my knowledge is mostly limited to all known public facts released by Blizzard (or just presented in the game itself). In fact I maintain an archive here on the forums (which was recently updated) for everyone’s benefit to this purpose.

For that, I encourage you to check out my BlizzCon blog post thread.

Have you ever gotten any nice swag from doing this that you’re free to show us or tell us about?

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You’re entitled to your opinion, and I’m entitled to mine. It is simply that easy.

Yup. And not all opinions are valid, credible or worthy of respect. That’s also simple.

Burden of proof lies with accusers is also simple.

Simple. Simple. Simple


They are just trying to play armchair intellectual about something that doesn’t really matter. And failing miserably. Look how hard they are trying to get into your head… lol

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Literally just google burden of proof. It’s a literal concept that I did not invent. It’s one of the basis of the US legal system and other countries.


Just read it all, that mural looks :fire:

Getting me a portal pass for next year it seems.

Can everyone take their law degree and symatics coversation somewhere else?

how about how wyoming lives in colorado and not cali

I would be amazed by that but my American education rememinded me that I have no idea where Colorado or Wyoming even is.

colorado is middle-ish of the country and Wyoming is…near montana?

You get a like solely for the Princess Bride gif.

…until you explode into two zerglings named “Fix” and “Auto”.

Wait, which one is the red one?

that would be wyoming, with colorado being just under it

This is public on my Twitter for years now so I feel safe to share it. I do want to stress though that the MVP program itself, aside from the fancy green text, really is not about rewards, but is about people trying to make all of Blizzard games fun for everyone.