This is a joke right?


Welp you actually done it blizzard. I guess symmetra players can’t have nice things. The only reason she’s played is because idiots run double shields but if guess we should whine and complain instead of switching up the comp


99% of new posts have all been people saying the Symmetra nerfs were trash and need to go

at this rate the nerf will surely need to be reconsidered and God willing, reverted


Blizzard doesn’t really revert anything though. :neutral_face:


sym can finally do something but hey lets give hanzo storm arrow and never really nerf it and keep him as the best dps hero in the game in all ranges :rofl:


they reverted that Moira buff


Honestly, the beam thickness ain’t so bad for the barrier thing, because they’re huge targets and you shouldn’t be playing if you have trouble hitting them, but the maximum damage reduction is too much.


Yeah, you’d think that. Lol

I don’t see how this isn’t objectively a bad change.

At least beef up TP (halved cd whenbself destructed and faster deployment), Sym’s actual bulk so she can actually get to her target, and maybe even make her beam 15m. Why does Symmetra have to get closer than Zarya? Zarya is harder to kill and iirc does more damage. I’m sorry? How is this not counter intuitive?


It’s pretty ridiculous.

Props to the balance team :clap:t2: /s


0.3 meters was too much, yes. I could see them possibly raising it back to 0.2. No more than that though, if they even decide to do that. I’m not an expert on Sym, but they probably have the stats to justify such a change. They just might reign it back a little bit if they feel like it’s necessary, like they did with McCree’s buff from 0.4 to 0.42.


They allow Widow, Hanzo and Doomfist to be oppressive that can one shot and kill an entire team by themselves. But they don’t allow Symmetra to be ever viable.

Normally I don’t rant on Forums but I’m sick of how they balance the game.


Reaper had life steal at 50% for months, Sym can’t have something good for 2 weeks.


They snapped as fast as ironclad bastion. Ironclad Bastion speed is what they gave Symmetra. One of the most broken heroes ever in the game is as fast as they nerfed sym.


Even bastion had his moment of meta. It was op as hell but it made it to at least live. Symm gets beta :joy::joy::joy:

I also like how Moira got buffed, reverted then nerfed all before 222 is official


Sym not even a top tier in her own class. This smell like some BS. This reminds me how torb got nerf even though he a okay Dps hero.


Symmetra doesn’t deserve the spotlight like heroes like Widow or Hanzo. You could argue that Widow or Hanzo don’t either with which I’ll agree but nobody wants Symmetra to be meta aside from Symmetra mains.


Exactly, the beam thickness isn’t a problem. Symmetra players who are experienced with the beam already center it on their targets. It’s only players new to the hero or to beam aiming in general that flick it against the edge of a hitbox.

It’s not the width of the beam, this is all about the damage reduction.


Heroes are literally running around 1 shotting people yet Sym with her close range, aim-able gun gets nerfed. It’s been literally like 2 weeks of her being viable… A joke.


Execpt that they have done reverts. Ana damage has been reverted. They annoyingly reverted Mercy base healing back to the stonge age of beta overwatch.


Source? Who said that? Have you seen owl? Whenever symmetra is played to her effectiveness the crowd gets hype.


I do love seeing Sym play too. I’m not a Sym main, I’m D.Va and now a Mei main but would happily see more Sym players.