This gatekeeping is scary

Ignoring posts because you feel they oppose your viewpoint shouldn’t happen. As you said, you can’t grow unless you try and understand opposing viewpoints right?

However, most opposing viewpoints or players, act like this that I’ve seen. It’s pretty saddening that what I’ve said has already been proven true here.

Going off what you said, if they don’t like something, they choose to be enraged by it. I, for one, am not even mad or anything. I’m simply stating an observation and making inferences and opinions about the things I’m seeing.

I think anyone can comment on balance, whether they play a certain hero or not. The problem arise when people who never play a certain hero only considers balance as the only important factor to whether a hero is fine or not.

I think you’ll find that many of the discussions have been about whether Mercy should be changed to become more fun. Many of those who play Mercy are in agreement that Mercy may very well be balanced now, and I would say that most understand that Mercy were too powerful in the past. Many are disappointed that she’s no longer as fun, to them, as she used to be.

And there are plenty of people who play Mercy who would rather see another rework to Mercy’s kit rather than see a revert. I am one of those for example, as I would rather see rez replaced entirely to leave room for something that is a bit more fun. I personally have not met much toxic critic to my opinions about replacing rez, even though there are plenty of people who don’t agree with me. But if you present your reasoning well then people do listen.

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I literally hate you cuz i was typing this so thanks…lol.
I do leave this up to people though. Was mercy more fun because she was literally walking around rezzing people? I still think mercy is fun depending on circumstance. If your team has good positioning, mercy is so much fun because you can have complete dominance over an area and be literally everywhere.

I do agree that rez should be taken out. It does not belong in overwatch and nothing is less fun than trying to rez and basically try not to get pushed as you’re trying to get that mid fight rez.

I made a thread with what I think was more fun before than now. Please expand it to read all of it as it is more than one paragraph:

You mean statistically Mercy is currently the worst hero in the game and the only character with negative winrate on grandmaster, right? She has negative winrate at every single rank, that must be a record breaking phenomena. A character so bad they can’t win even at GM where people are at their most skillfull.

You should be looking at the weekly chart, not the monthly. Not even sombra had such low winrate on GM. Not Ana. Not mccree. I seriously don’t know if there’s ever been a hero on grandmaster tier with negative winrating and if there has been, that hero has been super underpowered.

50hps healing beam broke the camel’s back and she needs retuning.


nothing in regards to constructive criticism

here ya go:


I have 100+ hours on Mercy
Been playing her since release
Been playing her competitively since season 2
I think Valkyrie is fine, but i have no problem if Blizzard reworked it again to make it better of an initiation ultimate

My point is, you can delete this part of the OP, it doesnt matters how many hours you have on Mercy, any Mercy main that doesnt even plays the game or Mercy would tell you your opinion is subjective- therefore wrong.

But their opinionated threads are right no matter how subjective they are.
It doesnt matters to speak to them,if they had a way to downvote your opinion, they’d do it right away to silence you.

The “Blizzard is censoring us REEEEEEE” crowd is censoring people lmfao quality.


Thats the main problem

With all the nerfs, mercys max skill rating gets lower and lower

One of the only differences between a gm mercy and bronze one other than dont be stupid are the capability stay alive and right click every now and then

Rez comes on its own, press e, does it on its own, press q and hold LMB

read into that a while back so the first paragraph kind of jogged my memory. For mercy, when GA reset after rez was removed, that was necessary imo. It was originally put in because mercy would fly in, rez her team and instantly die so first they added invul while rezzing, then the ga reset (which honestly was never needed once she got the invul but its the past). IMO, mercy is still THE SUPPORT to pick up at low ranks or when you are just learning the game as it allows you to safely figure out what hero can do what, check out how other people position and get a bird’s eye view of the match. Although valk itself is relatively “boring” with less decision making happening, It lets you give your team critical info on what is going on. You literally are able to watch the match from spectator mode and tell your team what is going on. Strategically, that is huge and can give your team an ez win almost as much as a big rez. Is mercy as fun to play now as she was back in any of her past iterations? IMO, only if you have a good team. But tbh, with how much less of everything she requires to be as effective as other supports, she can’t have everything going for her. I can elaborate if anyone is questioning that, but Don’t want this post to end up a tldr

It’s not just skill ceiling, it’s the effectiveness of the whole character when you do a -17% primary nerfbat that affects everything she does. Slap such a nerf onto anyone else’s primary button fire and they might as well be removed from the game for becoming useless.

This supposed healer balance where every other healer is in good position and then there’s mercy who can’t even get positive winrate at GM is not ok. This literally makes Mercy a troll pick, like back when she originally had 50hps and it had to be buffed…

50hps mercy is simply put, not viable. No amount of gimmicks can make up for lack of healing, lack of damage boost cuz need to heal longer, lack of ultimate power, lack of ultimate charge…


This^. But hey Mercy is ‘balanced’ right?
All they ever needed to do was remove invuln on her Massrez. Then there would have been counterplay.

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Don’t forget that her ‘on fire’ stat is a joke too :stuck_out_tongue:.

This happened to the post lol.

Moderation removed the “hidden” status within the past hour or so.

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Calling commenters “useless” or “derailing” is basically as bad as calling them “cultists”. Maybe if you are expressing your opinion without being an a*s about it Mercy players wouldn’t flag you.
(also it’s not false flagging. Right now they can flag again because you basically said their comments are useless. So I dunno, I would go and edit the post a bit.)

EDIT: My advice is that you go and search for better references to Mercy mains rather than cultists, useless or “boosted” (I have seen you once reference them as boosted ones)

I find it funny that you say that when you keep trying your best to derail other threads, but keep being a hypocrite.


TIL that saying a comment like “Well isn’t this thread hypocritical” is the same as having an actual relevant opinion here.

See, there’s another useless comment to the topic. Nothing relevant. Nothing constructive. Blizzard’s definition of trolling (by CoC).

I’m giving you advice on how to not get flagged and then banned. You choose if you want to continue being a butt or if you want to keep it civil. Which you are not right now (against CoC)

And people like you who keep appearing in other threads that deal with certain topics only for you to derail them is alright. Only when its a Mercy main is it counted as spam, or trolling.


Please quote it.

I have never called anyone boosted. You can search my profile lol. THe closest thing you will find is “damage boost”.