This gatekeeping is scary

Honestly if you spend enough time on the forums (and you do) then you know how most conversations on “certain topics” are going to go with specific people.

Friendly debate/discussion is one thing (albeit rare) but when it comes to “certain topics” we are stuck in an infinite time loop. Except instead of “DORMAMMU I’VE COME TO BARGAIN” it’s “MERCY I’VE COME TO REVERT/REWORK”

In my opinion, once you’ve determined some people are just not negotiable you are better off just muting notifications and threads from them and pretending they don’t exist. I find it rather cathartic to actively ignore squawkers. And from my experience, and what I’ve witnessed happen to others, e-screaming in each others threads just doesn’t end well most of the time.

There are people I can respectfully disagree with on these forums and then there are people who are lost causes (in my eyes) and a waste of time to indulge. I’m sure people feel that way about me (maybe idk) and I’d implore them to do the same too. This advice goes for anyone of any opinion.

Mega thread was made by the moderation team for a reason.
Use it.

I could argue that you’re completely obsessed with me as you continue to respond, despite saying things that are not constructive and/or create nothing but derailment on the thread at hand.

Atleast I stay on topic and don’t attack other users for posting in topics that interest them (not to be confused with making new topics).

It’s literally always closed because of community flags. It unlocks once a day for about 5 minutes or less. How can we use that?


And if they choose not to, what will you do? Will you scream at them through the internet? Will that be an effective way to muscle the readers into doing what you want?

Why should they be banned for having a discussion about a hero?

your blowing the amount of mercy posts way out of proportion as a lot of them lately have just been complaining about people having discussion about mercy.

plenty of good discussion out there and quite little of it has been taken down as spam but I know for a fact that several threads like the one op keeps making are constantly taken down as spam.

as they are such.

the mercy discussions are not however as they are usually 9/10 not spam.

Really no reason to ban the mercy players for discussing their hero.

and it was unpinned by the moderators and false flagged since like 2 months ago nearly permanently

would if I could m8

how out of the loop are you?

Give my voice and ask the moderation team to deal with those trolls.
If the thread exist, is for some reason.

Not abusing the flag system like they do.

Are you serious ?
The megathread opens once per day, and closes within few seconds after opening due to flags.

How are people supposed to leave their feedback in a closed thread ? Please enlighten me.

So when you use the flagging system it is a mighty blow made in the name of righteousness, but when others do so it is in the name of silencing dissent.


I’ve actually had to mute a number of my older threads because players continue to do nothing but spam and troll in them.

It’s a shame that you’re discouraged from talking about a subject in a specific way simply because the majority disapprove. That’s what this post was about. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Yet, even here, they continue to spam about Mercy balance, when this post was clearly not meant for that.

More and more players continue to spam Titanium’s thread across any post that even references or mentions Mercy once.

There is no escape. And the forums are losing members because of this kind of thing.

Oh god. I shaked the nest.

Time to leave. Here we go again.
Sorry for having an opinion.

They’ll follow you. Run.

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If you’re not willing to argue your opinion to the end, why do you even bother?

You’re free to have an opinion, but when that opinion is that other people shouldn’t be free to voice their opinions then you will receive push back, as you and the OP have here.

There’s a lesson in that, for those wise enough to hear it.


Wow, these Mercy mains are ridiculous. Flagging a post they don’t agree with. Rly? This is not reddit.


TIL spamming the same thing for months on end = having an opinion.

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It was a half-***ed joke. And that particular wall was built long before me.

The megathread is always closed because of community flags. You act like it’s only us. What a joke.


An opinion is still an opinion regardless of how many times it is repeated, or how much you hate it and them. Maybe you should just let them talk.

Stop with this, it’s not true. People aren’t blind.