This game sucks

Blizzard - sort ya sht out


The devs don’t read the forums.

i would say most do. some more than others.
i would also say some don’t just read but interact.
why? well, there are few places devs can go for unfiltered feedback.

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reddit, steam, x (twitter) etc… those all seem pretty darn unfiltered (and they’re not subject to blizz’s moderation either.)

well reddit is censored. unfiltered honest remarks attract bitter resentment. troves of bitter misfits scour reddit to downvote any comment they dislike. unpopular opinions attract artificial downvotes. especially opinions that are exotic and effective. downvote spammer’s buddies who run subreddits activate some bogus downvote threshold in order to comment OR NOT. so until free speech devs regain control of reddit, reddit = forget it. x = down periodically

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Reddit is just a bunch of unpaid moderators on a power trip.