This game has become unplayable


stunned-frozen-hacked-booped-burning-moira orb passing by-pinned-stunned-stunned-stunned


stunned stunned booooooop boooop more orbs passing by
Tbh I’m not irritated by CC’s but just by how easy it is to pull it off.


Exaggerate much?


I think that’s the biggest issue right now.


It’s 2019, people still complain about CC? Most CC character are DPS which mean if you are facing all of them in the enemy team, than they probably don’t have a healer or tanks. Brigitte is kinda bad outside GOAT comp, Ana sleep dart is easy to counter, and if you can’t noice a huge German man charging at you then you should check your eyesight


no, actually. Where have you been?


Cool. Still playing. I guess I’m a sucker for pain.


This is why cc needs to be deleted and we also need Sym buffs to make her op and mass rez


Would it be OP if they introduced a CC purging ability?


I don’t experience what OP said like this. I would estimate I spend maybe less than 1% of my matches getting CC’ed.

OP (and maybe you?) must be in bronze or silver, just a guess.


I can still press Play.


Most CC doesn’t last long enough to even warrant that. The only ones that do are Ults and hack. Which…would be entirely useless if they’re running anything else.

Otherwise, you’re looking for CC immunity (which there is plenty of). Bubble, Fade/wraithform, fortify.


so first one lets say is mc
then mei
And some more stuns…

Since when we have more than 6 heroes in team? And who play in that team comp? 2 supports seems great ! :slight_smile:


Git gud and play around it. People insisting on an old school hoppy hoppy shooty shooty style are out of luck in OW.


actually high plat, and I must be incredibly lucky bc I don’t have that happen, not even close