This game desperately needs two tanks back

In OW2 it all boils down to which team gets the better tank. The rest of the roles can’t do much about it.

You can’t put so much weight on just one player’s shoulders if you want this game to be a team based shooter.

It might even work if matchmaking was fair but it’s not. If there’s a tank gap/diff the experience is miserable.


no, 6v6 was so boring. double shield was boring. 5v5 is more interactive if you play strategically. Your tank is the most relied upon role, followed up by supports who can both do damage and keep you alive, tied with that is DPS who target supports to take out the tank. With 5 players, taking out even 1 of those roles can change the course of the game. whereas with 6, taking out a player or 2 made little to no change in the game. Its either bad for you or good for you depending on how you and your team plays both defensively and offensively.

Damage output for a good amount of DPS, tanks, and even some support were never balanced around a solo tank and is a big reason why the game feels terrible for a significant portion of the playerbase.

If blizzard absolutely never has any intention of ever bringing 2 tanks back you’d have to seriously adjust numbers for

Tank: potentially Sigma/Roadhog
DPS: hanzo, tracer, reaper, widow, sojourn
Support: baptiste, zen

I think it’s okay for character like junk to keep their high damage since it’s inconsistent but no reason for widow to do the same.

I saved many many games with Orisa as the only shield tank. Way more than with Reinhardt. I think old Orisa was way way stronger than current Orisa, lol the amount of ammo you could dump without reloading, you melt people in 2 seconds as long as you tracked them and the old ultimate could decide a battle. Also she felt as unkillable as tanks now.

I’m an “open queuer”…and I hate the current OQ…cause there is no “open” atm with how tanks function…it’s load up on tanks or don’t actually compete…something which it never was outside of the period right before RQ was added….

OQ the last 3 years was fantastic

Cope. It would send the game back to Tank not being fun and queue times for DPS/Supports skyrocketing, while also providing a mediocre at best experience for those roles too

I agree :slight_smile:

Skill issue right here. Old Orisa was mostly a relaxed tank, with not very much input and very little outcome (would say your tank partner did the work). I would rather say you cant play the new Orisa or try to play her like old Orisa.

The sole concept of having an unique player being stronger than everyone else because of the odd numbers is way harder to balance and maintain than 6v6. They could keep 6v6 with the current tanks but a third dps or support, but then there would be so much damage tanks would last no more than 1 second.
This is not a moba as much as people pretends, this is a shooter and someone can instantly die by a headshot or 2 people shooting at the same target at the same time. Everyone should attain to the same rules, 6v6 tanks worked because they lasted “a bit more” than everyone and had ways to mitigate damage not because their stats were simply inflated to become the objectively best option to play. But in 5v5 if we deinflate the stats they wont work anymore, devs were incredibly naive thinking this was a good idea.

I see where you’re coming from and I appreciate the clarity. Thank you


She was relaxed but not weak. I can’t count the amount of times I countered Bastion with her.
Pop a barrier, start shooting at Bastion, go golden when the barrier is down and non stop shooting. Bastion went down more often than you because he has to stop to reload while you didn’t. She was also a good pick as a tank against Pharah as well.

The worst hero in OW1? Yeah… wow.


can 6v6 work? yes. Can Blizzard pull ot off? Obviously not. Blizzard was never able to solve the problem of certain tsnk synergies being too powerful.

Similar to how echos health caps at 300 when duplicating a tank, Tanks should have limits as well. Like using zarys bubble on the tank could have a lessened effect.

outside of the obvious barriers that would need to change-- the entire function, not just orisa being reworked, I can’t think of anything else at the moment… but, i should probably get off my phone and get back to work…

5v5 was a lame way to get rid of queu times.
It was Blizz’ worst mistake in a long history of mistakes in OW


Worst Hero at times, not always.

Whats your point exactly to imply Orisa was bad during Ow1?

I would install the game again if they went 6v6 or gave me at least 6v6 in the arcade. I don’t even care about the matchmaking or other massive problems and broken things. It would just simply make the experience that much more bearable again


Oh, I dont imply it. She was statistically the worst tank. Her shield was out of paper and her damage or duel potential not high enough to be a big thread.

In the end you see how good YOU are with tanks in OW2 because you need to handle the pressure alone. In OW1 you could have a lot of help of the other tank and you had only the stupid and worthless medal system to see if you “do good”.

So if you are worse in OW2, I would say that you did not that great in OW1, but THOUGH you were the good Orisa player.

Honestly how many Orisa players did you come across during OW1? Beecause there was a period during which she reigned supreme.

I won’t deny tanks are stronger now, but lol the game plays itself now when you are a tank. Specially Orisa, you simply spam your skills on CD while running towards the enemy team. And pray your supports don’t die because then you fall with them unless you are Hog.

when half your characters arent being played cuz they arent viable 5v5, there is a problem with it.
Half the tanks cant compete 5v5 and arent being played unless u face toxicity.
Half the supports arent being played for similar reasons.
If you wanna win gmes you HAVE TO PLAY certain heroes.


If the game had a more openly spread balance of heroes I wouldnt mind 2 tanks and the return of defense and offense heroes back.

And we’d have a team of
1 Barrier/Main Tank
1 off tank
1 offensive damage
1 defensive damage
1 main support
1 off support

So how do you learn to play tank as a new player, in an organic manner.