This game desperately needs two tanks back

Honestly how many Orisa players did you come across during OW1? Beecause there was a period during which she reigned supreme.

I won’t deny tanks are stronger now, but lol the game plays itself now when you are a tank. Specially Orisa, you simply spam your skills on CD while running towards the enemy team. And pray your supports don’t die because then you fall with them unless you are Hog.

when half your characters arent being played cuz they arent viable 5v5, there is a problem with it.
Half the tanks cant compete 5v5 and arent being played unless u face toxicity.
Half the supports arent being played for similar reasons.
If you wanna win gmes you HAVE TO PLAY certain heroes.


If the game had a more openly spread balance of heroes I wouldnt mind 2 tanks and the return of defense and offense heroes back.

And we’d have a team of
1 Barrier/Main Tank
1 off tank
1 offensive damage
1 defensive damage
1 main support
1 off support

So how do you learn to play tank as a new player, in an organic manner.

must got luck.

open queue is 3 tanks and 2 supports.

its boring and annoying.

Dive and flanking has easily become way more viable because of a single tank as well as more angles to attack from. The removal of a tank as well as most CC has made it a nightmare which brings the question of what you could rework to fix that. Bring back CC? Because everyone hated how much CC OW1 had but I don’t think anyone screamed to the heavens two tanks was the issue but shields were.

So basically RQ was introduced to help balance the game better,

RQ-based balance changes ruined OQ

RQ sucks

Now they both suck :melting_face:

I would agree with this, I actually do wholeheartedly. Only in competitive, but this is an excellent idea.

I think the theme the devs are trying to keep is that you can pick whichever character in your assigned role, but for comp this idea holds some merit.

You don’t, you just play like a short range dps. You literally need 0 awareness to play tank now.

I used to hate open queue back in OW1, but in OW2 there is a general understanding of having at least 2 tanks, 1 dps, and 2 supports… the game plays so much better with 2 tanks!

IMO, 5v5 feel better. I like how it is.

While it is true that having the right tank synergy in OW1 did make up for the lack of skills the tank players had. A good team often still won the match anyway even with two off-tank duos like hog +, even in high ranks (idk about GM). Also, if tank synergy is an issue like double shield, the devs can easily fix that.

Such as by making the shield of both tanks weaker if both tank players pick shield tank. And if only one, they get the full shield HP back etc. I could go on, but there are many ways to circumvent the tank synergy issue.

Me thinks pretty much the main reason the second tank was removed was to fix the queue times more than anything.

I don’t know how Blizzard gaslit the fanbase that a teamsize structure of 6v6 that worked for six years was the problem.


I don’t agree with OP. 6v6 forces tanks into the dumpster because they have to be balanced around their ideal synergies.

5 v 5 lets tanks be strong and fun.

Even if you think tanks are broken right now (you’re wrong, but that’s ok), you have to acknowledge that they sucked hard individually in 6v6.

Plus, you’d have to completely redesign JQ and Ram for 6v6, as they would be stupid, bonkers broken if you could pair them with a Rein/Zarya/Dva/Winston. And both are too fun for me to want to see them changed that much (JQ needs buffs, she’s garbo, but she’s fun to play garbo).

Two DPS does not work because how oppressive synergies are.

Two supports does not work because how oppressive synergies are.

See how stupid that argument is?


Or maybe they should just design more supports that can fill in for the off-tank role. Maybe we need more peeling / defender archetypes like Brig.

I would have thought such a pro gamer like them would have been aware that Orissa got her shield gutted in OW1 :joy:. DW I knew you meant ‘original Orissa’ :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are no “oppressive” synergies in support or DPS that have such an effect on the game. DPS all have pretty selfish picks and thats why the play sytle not really combines well with each other. Same goes for supports. They can heal each other, but we dont have supports that combine so well that it is a problem in terms of “if you pick comp X, they can never die”.

The only thing remotely close would be PharMercy and that is a cross role combination, that you would not even remove if you only could play 1 support and 1 DPS.

It seems more like you dont understand how broken tank synergies were on a fundamental level, that there is no comparison in the other roles.


There’s countless games where there’s only one of X.

The issue I see is that with a combo of 1 tank with two healers behind practically necessitates rushing the healers. Every fight is just a base race.
It’s not fun seeing your bullets be a complete waste on tanks, and it’s not fun being constantly dived.

The game is suffering from imbalance due to certain heroes/roles being unsupported.

Adding another tank is would be rather dumb. Either you now have 2 very very strong heroes on team, or else the devs will have gone out of their way to balance them for the new format.

Which then begs the question, why not just balance the game as is now?