This game desperately needs two tanks back

Blizzard of course will never admit they did wrong but 6v6 needs to come back. One tank is awful. Can’t balance the team properly with an odd number, I mean in what world does it make sense having one tank push the team?


I tried playing open queue exclusively last weekend, and it was actually fun

so much that it wouldn’t surprise me to see players gradually move to open queue :face_with_peeking_eye:

worth a try if you haven’t


Two tanks does not work because how oppressive synergies are. The only thing 5v5 needs is a support rework, that makes them all viable and not just Moira, Lucio and Kiriko. The rest are just not tuned enough for 5v5 and simple buffing will not help.


There’s the flip side of that too - when tanks are balanced with synergies in mind, it’s a real slog outside of top ranks when your own tanks decide to go Hog + D.Va. I never want to go back to that again.


This game most definitely does not need 2 tanks back.


Agreed. We had the issue in OW1 with Orisa. You could simply not play her without a second shield tank like Rein or Sigma.

It also restricted the devs to make more shield heroes so Rammattra would never have seen the light of day like he is now.

I am always astound that people are not able to see the problems OW1 had with the core design. We lacked tank players, but we could not buff them without making the game unplayable. Its not even half as bad with the current support problem. The queue times were much higher in OW1.


Hard disagree.

Two tanks were great. I sincerely miss 6v6 so much.

Its unfortunate they change a core component that the game was design around.

I will be honest and say i do find 5v5 fun but that doesn’t mean i didn’t find 6v6 to be much more enjoyable. This is just my opinion.


Because they’re intentionally blind to them.

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Cope. It would help with one sided matches


No we just have different perspectives in what we enjoy and that’s okay


Broken tank synergies killed OW1. No thanks. The only people who want two tanks back are the Orisa/Sigma mains who duo queue’d double shield for free SR.


You maybe but the synergy tank problem was ALWAYS an issue. Maybe not for you high rank players but in low rank a simple Rein+Zarya pick would always win vs something like Dva+Sigma or other things that had not such strong synergies.

This is not an opinion. Its a FACT that tank synergies were a problem and the MAIN REASON for them to switch to 5v5.

6v6 was not fun for a lot of people and 5v5 plays a lot more smooth, even tho it has its own problems.

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Just had two games where my team had two tanks, two damage and 1 support. Won both so that says something. I don’t like open queue because it can potentially get ridiculous but I’ll keep testing it. Other teams had the 1 tank, two damage and two support.

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Yup they won’t but even if it happens, they have screwed the game engine in some way and the game runs worse than how it did with 6v6

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I can respectfully agree to this as you’re correct in the game being different at a higher rank than a lower rank.

However, since the game is balanced around the highest levels of play there will always be issues in the lower elos that may never get resolved.

It’s a constant cycle.

With 6v6 they have years of viable data to work with and make adjustments compared to 5v5.

In the large scale of things I feel 5v5 has a lot more issues working against itself. That will take years to find a proper balance.


Honestly, the main reason I feel 6v6 is needed is to teach tanks how to play. In Ow1 I was a flex healer/dps, but as the seasons went on I became an off tank to support my playgroup. Finally after learning the game enough and watching other main tanks I learned the main tank role and felt comfortable pushing through choke points on 2cp maps.

The journey I had to become a main tank is gone as of now you are just thrust into the role and expected to push the team forward while mitigating harassment for your back-line, and creating enough space for your dps.

New players cant deal with that because when human beings learn something new we often hesitate due to our lack of experience, so we either look to others with more, or do the task defensively. YET OVERWATCH 2 is made for aggression, so tanks are not able to learn the subtle aspects of being the tank and thus tank diffs occur.


Funny thing: they solved the problem with tanks being, weak, unpopular and restricting themselves with synergies. Works also for low ranks to! 10/10

We had not something like a real change in the last 3 years so of cause things were balanced in OW1, but also boring as hell.

If everything is balanced, I think nothing will be fun or exiting. A change is always good. The only issue with 5v5 are the supports that are not build for such an environment. The only three supports that “feel at home” are Kiriko, Lucio and Moira. You could say Mercy or Brig, when they would change them a bit, but heroes like Ana, Bap or Zen are just OW1 type of heroes. They miss the mobility every support should have.

Yes, it will take a while, but will solve itself with all of them being reworked or so heavy buffed, that they can survive in a world with almost no peeling.

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Then just play rein+zarya! Was fun combo! And both heroes have set up ults for their teammates to get their kicks out of high kill plays! Plus defence line for supports and bubble to defend them from time to time! Just perfect combo to play for all.

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Thats not how queuing with randoms work. They play 2 random tanks and the enemy have a synergy then its almost GG. I HATED this combo after playing against it or with it 1000 times.

So glad that this tank combo is dead. Or general EVERY tank synergy.

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Guy is a shill, don’t bother lol