This forum refuses to accept healing as the games issue


Yes, and damage can also multiply by amount of targets hit. For example, one mine of Junkrat can deal up to 6x120=720 dmg.

It’s interesting concept, however: mechanic, that connects health pools of all teammates, making damage received by any of them spread equally between everyone.


blizz has responded already.

saying that not stacking healing isn’t right either. Meaning now you CAN’T pick lucio and brig because they can’t work together


Well because they both are. No individual healer is unbalanced or causing GOATs, it’s the stacking of them all and Blizzard’s refusal to introduce any kind of checks for that stacking that is breaking things.


I didn’t skip it. It was the first sentence of my post:

My claim is that while this is certainly a factor, it’s not all that indicative of how damage actually works in the ELO’s GOATS is played at. People do single out targets (maybe not as well as in a spread out comp, but they still do). Damage often comes in single target bursts and in aoe.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad observation/model, but I am saying that I think its applicability is somewhat limited It only really works well when incoming damage is relatively low and equally distributed.


World of Warcraft has a mechanic like that called spirit link totem. It actually works quite well in certain encounters. I’ve always wanted to see it added to this game.


Tbh don’t even do 2/2/2 just make it so you can either have triple supp or triple tank, not both.

I don’t think they should nerf anyone, especially not tanks… to fix it.


I just watched Zenyattas die over and over in OWL the other day. I watched a team get stalled twice in a row attacking Volskaya A because their Zen got merc’d twice in a row while rejoining the team. What’s this nonsense about supports being unkillable? In the games I remember, Zen was often the first to die each team fight.


But, since Zenyatta offers only single target healing outside of his ult, his death doesn’t mean immediate failure of Goats.


But the claim was that supports are unkillable because Brig.


That claim is false: they are killable. But you most likely won’t get all 3 of them at once.


So you agree with me.


People have this dumb perception that there is only sole blame for issues. GOATS being prevalent is not just a result of strong healing. GOATS is a result of strong synergy-- what this game is built around: Characters synergizing with one-another.

It just so happens that healers and tanks jive really well together. Large health pools -> Takes longer to kill -> Easy targets to heal -> Easier sustainability.

You don’t nerf healing to fix that. You don’t nerf tanking to fix it. You Also don’t nerf DPS to fix it. The issue is that there isn’t really a “fix.” You can’t “fix” syngery. The only thing you could possibly suggest is introducing diminishing returns.


Because of tank health, nothing is dying. Any dps is still susceptible to dying to a one clip, a hanzo arrow, a widow snipe etc even if they had 5 healers. Tanks have armor, too much health, shields etc, to protect along with all the heals.

In OWL if you really watch you see lucio’s dying often etc (me and my buddy kept laughing during Atlanta vs Philly at how many times Massa and the enemy lucio died)…things die, just not the tanks.

Rebuff tracer, and maybe more armor nerf (or get rid of armor in general). Brig is weak enough to work around with tracer now. Tracer can secure kill/harass the zen/lucio or if they rebuff Pulse bomb can also drop a tank like rein zarya etc very quickly.


And how would you go about nerfing Zen?


discord to 20 or 25%

or add a cooldown between uses

also, nerf either the duration or range of trans by 1 second

defensive ults themselves are too strong

you’re forced to run teamwiping heroes (rein, zarya) just so that you can bait out the defensive ults because if you don’t they will just use defensive ults to run you over


I often thought with each rework (hanzo, sym, mcree FTH, torb, ETC) the game got more and more ridiculous. A dmg reduction is definitely in need.


Imagine actually believing this nonsense


where did they respond?


i feel like it was on emonggs stream. i cant remember


Between Brigitte/Lucio/Zenyatta, Brigitte is the weakest of them. There is a reason no one is calling for Brigitte nerfs anymore, she’s on life support and is only viable due to goats.