This forum refuses to accept healing as the games issue


You are misunderstanding. She has high effective dps in Goats. Doesn’t mean she’s the damage dealer in the comp Arguably that’s Zen and Zarya.

Zen has the debuff which is vital to take down targets, its especially good on tanks. Bridg and Rein are able to damage through shields. Rein’s melee and Fireshot allow him to get ult charge. Bridge as well is allowed to get ult charge. Her shield is also good for mitigating damage and protecting her and teammates from tank ults which are very powerful.

High effective dps is she’s able to damage a Rein shield… vs a Junkrat who has to go through 2k shield, D.Va DM, Zarya bubbles (All rotating cds) wheras Bridge bypasses that 2k shield and DM. Ingame junkrat does not get damage done recorded to blockable objects so even ingame Bridgette would have higher damage.


Okay yeah I see what you mean. I used to fight rein as brig to put pressure at the front. It was much easier doing damage with brig when shield bash was a threat.


Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on this, but it’s my understanding that if you are within both Lucio’s and Brig’s area heal, you get it from both. If that’s true, then they need to change that to you get only the one that does the most. That would put a big crimp in Goats right there.



No that’s not a good idea imo since You wouldn’t want to discourage those two played together in other comps. It’s just you want to either buff some damage to deal with goats better or nerf some of the major stuff that makes goats viable and not other stuff. We can all blame bridgette but you also notice all the dps that kept getting nerfs that may have been the solution to goats. Pharah’s splash got nerfed, Junkrat’s mines/ nades got nerfed that is aoe damage. And now they bring back aoe damage with Ashe… If they revert those other heroes and have some counterplay for tank stacking and heal stacking (like Ana nade) then it would be good. Doomfist even got nerfs and his damage can bypass shields and DM but he is way too buggy and has high risk for low reward. Fixing dps heroes to counter tanks would be nice. ALso buffing there damage ults comparable to tanks would help. D.VA has one shot ults but Doomfist can’t hit more then 300 damage?


Would you mind elaborating just a little bit? I need to know if I’m understanding you correctly.
Are you saying that other healers are likely the issue…? I don’t think I’ve seen anyone say that Mercy is a problem in relation to the current meta… Though I’ve definitely seen Brig blamed quite often.


No amount of healing can stop tanks from being bursted down, which is why the only strategy viable currently is to have 3 tanks so when your one gets bursted down you still have two more. Any 2/2/2 gets destroyed by one shot, the meta previous to goats thats still just as strong as it was, so goats counters are useless.


Thats the way you see. The way i see/play to anyone that can play her using the brain and not spamming stuff still can do a lot with her just watch pros lol


Healing isn’t the issue, this is extremely short sighted.

3 Supports is the unbalanced issue when paired with 3 massive HP tanks.

Disallow this from being played and your game is fine and dandy. You know, instead of nerfing heroes so that when they don’t play GOATs they can’t even perform anymore.

Quick and easy solution but Blizzard isn’t known for solutions nor anything quick.


Forums: Most of the posters here are support mains so you won’t see anyone admitting supports are a problem.

Also forums: Here are 100 threads on why Moira, Mercy or Brigitte are ruining the game.



Hi, I just posted before you that I want to disallow 3 supports.

I support main in competitive, whats up.


Tanks: Nerfs + a mediocre addition

Heals: Get buffed across the board + an OP addition

Forums: It’s the tank’s fault!!


Would seem more fair to just cut Inspire in half and then buff something else. Like reduce Repair Pack cooldown and Bash cooldown by a second each?


They would work together…their ults could still stack. Lucio will still heal while Brig’s inspire is down. People who are in Lucio’s area but not Brig’s would get healed by Lucio; people who are in Brig’s area but not Lucio’s would be healed by Brig. Lucio could use speed boost while Brig’s inspire is running and switch back to heal aura when Brig’s inspire isn’t up.


I think they should reduce healing significantly across the board and replace it with more utility abilities/passives.

Shifting the support role’s focus from healing to buffing/debuffing would be a good way to keep a lot of people happy, imo.


Reduce healing. Yes because die to high damage DPS and tanks sounds like fu. But hey guys lets shift their purpose to be more like sym. In the words of the Rock billy but my names bob. It doesn’t matter what you’re name is this is a bad idea billy. Also the support category job is healing yet you want that job to be even more terrible. Also 99 percent of the play erase doesn’t use triple support. Why nerf healing real question. Do you want to turn this game into Call of Duty overwatch warfare? Because reduce healing just means even fewer people supports. Support playerbase is already the smallest of the three roles.


I agree with most you gotta say but the skills part. No doubt pros got skill, it is just painfully one dimensional and boring right now. The skill is all about surviving not dealing damage, nothing crazy skillful about spamming left-click to farm charge in a hand-to-hand hack and slash chaotic combat. Nobody plays a damn shooter in a shooting game.


I think I’mma have to get back to you on this one.
I’m honestly not sure what I just read.


It’s been a long day of writing. Sorry my writing ability gets pretty bad after typing all day. :sunglasses:


No they wouldn’t. Even if they were running 2/2/2. Running brig and Lucio would be suicide because what little healing they have doesn’t stack.


I think it was last year… I feel like it was the dev that wasn’t Jeff. But I’m checking emonggs streams now… Maybe it was frans steam… Idk