This Forum has gone completely Mad

As your President of Overwatch, I strongly suggest that all the nonsense about Pizza drones, other candidates, and the Lemon meringue pie all cease now.

That is all.


I don’t remember you getting elected :thinking:


What’s going on with all this president bs?

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Stop talking about Pizza, it’s 7am and you’re making me want to order one when I can’t.

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It happened naturally… a long time ago.

Well then…MrFriendly - President of Overwatch, can I have Bastion’s tank mode back?

Sigh… we’re currently working on that at the moment, it will be released on 30th of February next year.


Mr. President, would you please fix this “goblins zone” issue ! This is team shooter game not r rating jrpg!

All I can confirm at the moment is that I can neither confirm nor deny having special relations with that goblin mech pilot.

Dear Mr. President,

Is it true that Overwatch is planning on doing a crossover with Bubble Guppies? I won’t sleep until I get a Gill Soldier: 76 skin.

Unfortunately that’s classified at the moment.