"This exp card is so biased!"

I’ve been trying to find this, repeatedly, to no avail.

According to this user, the moderators of the event PREVENTED the actual OWL PLAYERS from making changes.
I’ve also heard that the moderators enforced a “only 2 changes” rule, but then dismissed it when it came to nerfing Hammond (bias perhaps?).

In addition to this, from various conflicting sources I’ve heard that a Silver/Gold player gave recommendations that were accepted, which makes no sense at all. And that Content Creators in addition, who were just fine without being bound to a contract, were there giving suggestions.

Of course, none of this matters remotely if any time they did make good suggestions they were shot down immediately – as I heard was the case for Space’s suggestions.

I don’t care that it’s biased, I personally wouldn’t want all heroes to be balanced, at least not in their current state. You can’t tell me people wouldn’t uninstall the game if Bastion was as viable as Ana without a rework.

Bias isn’t the problem here, it’s that it’s straight up garbage power creep.

“A weekend of fun”

So why not all heroes buffed and no nerfs? :eye: :lips: :eye:

fun for a select few*

If they don’t expect every forumer to try out these changes on their powershift

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It is the nature of bias to be blind to itself.

If its a rein zarya ana Lucio mirror in the finals they’re either trolling or having fun

Also if you think you know what the meta is for a patch nobody has played which changes like 30 heroes you don’t know what you’re talking about

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I mean.

There’s no such thing has an idea without bias sooooo

Pins and Needles by The Birthday Massacre

(havent listened in awhile but i remember it being what you’re looking for)

Some of the undertale orchestral songs

Bill by Unloved

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:eye: :lips: :eye:

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Will love to be watching the tournament to see them not playing rein zarya

Who me? I can still see you :stuck_out_tongue:

omg I was paranoid about it when i saw this msg

And you should also learn to use they/them when referring to someone who you dont know. Just a good practice rather than assuming when you have nothing to go off of. I have never said or done anything to indicate regarding myself ever on the forums :slight_smile:


u didn’t know?!?!?!

Moira cloned herself x1,000,000,000

ok sorry I’ll try

LOOOOL i mean be real with yourself. Moira isnt allowed to exist in this game anymore so is that really a valid point anymore? feelsbad

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