"This exp card is so biased!"

I m pretty sure if they get to the tourney, they are good enough to not wanting to play Moira or Brig

Dear lord, I get so much anxiety when I see the teleporting Bastion strat that I lowkey just give up to be 100% honest. I got destroyed by it around a dozen times before I realized I could never beat it alone.

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LOL way to minimize the fact that Brig and Moira were relatively unchanged while many other heroes were DUMPSTERED. Ball and Sombra are some of the hardest heroes in the game and they trashed them.

There are people at every rank who want to play every hero. Saying there isnt anyone at high level who would play Brig and Moira if given the choice is like sayiing “No one good enough to climb out of bronze would want to play someone like Tracer or Genji because they are too hard”.

Keep simplifying things more than they should be though!

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These same people are also professionals who are also the ones influencing actual balance changes.

To quote:
“One might think that if they wanted to play with these changes on an actual tournament and not make it look like a complete whack job that makes them look like they have zero clue about what they’re doing, maybe they should have tried to go for a more serious changes and make their experimental patch actually playable.”
:End Quote

nah nah nah, this is baaaaad

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If it’s a meme then why didn’t they just go all out for everyone. Soldier gets 2 rockets and meanwhile Zen is just faster ult move speed.


Relax, iirc it’s an exclusive tournament, it’s not for everyone.

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Keep minimizing things LOL


No one is winning 40k, that’s the entire prize pool spread over the 4 regions and there’s likely going to be prize money for 2nd and maybe 3rd place as well.

We are talking about a tournament open to everyone and literally every single OWL team has at least 3 players joining.
On the panel there were only 3 actual pros… do you really think that the changes they got through is going to make such a big difference for them to win in their respectable region?

I think they said the 22nd or something like that.

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Plenty of time for me to find very sad and depressing songs for my poor hamster music playlist, got any suggestions?

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Rascal Flats - “On The Broken Road”
I think that’s what it’s called.

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Probably too religious for my tastes (I am an atheist) and sounds like a somewhat uplifting love song xD

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Lost Library - OMORI Soundtrack - #088
Very… sad.
It’s simple but could be put as sad.

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Videogame music? Now thats more my speed, hell yeah I am adding this!

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Oh dear. You’re actually being serious and dont see that you’re describing yourself.

They literally sat down and discussed changes to every hero.

If you watched it and genuinely believe that they were joking then I dont even know what to say. There’s a reason everyone from twitter, to reddit, to the forums are mocking these people. They were very serious and that’s why it’s so tragic. They spent over 5 minutes arguing over 5 extra damage to Junkrats conc mines. That’s not what happens when people are joking. That’s what happens when people are being serious (and biased).


I agree, I’d buff jetpack cat ASAP
I know people say he’s op but I don’t see him in a playable state yet


Man I don’t know how anyone can think Jetpack Cat is OP when the Junkertown Queen can do what he can do only better.

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The defs said they dont expect anything to go live

just for 1 weekend of fun…with ramifications where the heroes disliked by the panelists at best get nothing and the liked heroes at worst get nothing, i.e. if there’s any change there’s more bias in balance… great
“just 1 weekend of fun”…

they’re considering them (the seemingly not ridiculous ones) for retail environment:

reddit user: Any word on if the proposed changes would go live or if it’s just for this event?

Jon Spector (VP Overwatch Esports) : Assuming they decide to make Genji do triple damage and double Zenyatta’s HP, it seems unlikely :slight_smile: