"This exp card is so biased!"

How about thinking bigger picture instead of being a baby about people who are criticizing things?

We all may not be playing in the tournament but at least some of us can see bigger picture and can see how unfun this patch will be for anyone who plays any of the 6 tanks and 5 supports that arent Ana, Lucio, Zarya, Rein.

The panel rigged the game so heavily in favor of those 4 (and Tracer + /HanzoGenji/McCree [by not slightly nerfing him]) heroes that anyone in the tournament who likes/mains other heroes will NOT have much fun being forced to play them or essentially purposely making their team lose.

You can say “oh it all just in good fun for a weekend tournament”, but there is a $10,000 prize on the line for the winning team which means everyone will have to tryhard mirror comp Rein/Zarya + Ana/Lucio, which sounds like ZERO fun for people who dont main or particularly find those heroes fun or to their playstyle.

Stop thinking so narrow mindedly. How about making the entire patch memey and fun for every hero and everyone in the tournament rather than rigging your heroes if they opted for memey over the serious approach. This in between hybrid and biased rigging approach though is just trashy and low class.


This doesn’t change the bias, though.

If a criminal tells you that murder is a crime, pointing out that they’re also a criminal doesn’t change the fact that they’re right.


There IS no bigger picture, you completely MISSED the point and you are mad that it isn’t what you want it to be.

You are the baby with clown makeup. You cannot accept it for what it is because it doesn’t fit your standards, your own bias is clearly showing as well.

Everyone participating in the tournament are well aware that it’s not going to be a wacky not particularly balanced version of the game. What’s the problem with a prize pool and people being sweatty? It’s a tournament that’s to be expected, what are people doing in a tournament if they aren’t there to sweat?

Did you expect these people to all sit down and make changes for 32 characters to discuss them on the panel?

It’s not being narrow minded, it’s simply understanding what the point is and not setting unreasonable standards.

“It’s just a joke guys, we didn’t seriously think these changes were good”

leaves the room and starts sweating profusely


Actually it’s for tens of thousands of dollars, and most of the people who voted are participating in the tournament. You don’t see a problem there?

Oh we’re calm. Maybe it’s you who should chill, hm?


You are delusional dude, but that’s okay. Some people have to just by odds and probability.

It’s very simple. It’s okay that it is not balanced. It’s okay that it is memey. It’s okay if they decided to go the opposite end of the spectrum and make a serious attempt to balance the whole roster.

But make it EQUALLY imblalanced/memey or attempt to balance everyone as EQUALLY serious as possible. Don’t do a trashy hybrid of the two to be low class and rig your heroes. Dont say the heroes you hate are fine and dont need any changes regardless of the fact that they are actually super unused and underpowered ATM while saying your mains who are ALREADY AT THE TOP need more buffs.

Make it EQUAL.

If you cant understand that, then you are a hopeless and lost cause that has no business discussing this further. In a thread that is completely in opposition to your stance no less. Go join one of the threads that agrees with you…if you can even find one seeing as most people unanimously agree this panel/patch was trash and was mismanaged.

And yes we did, because that is the standard that Blizzard themselves set before the panel even was aired LOL

Every hero is being looked at but not every hero will get a change automatically. That is what they said. Nowhere did they say that this was supposed to be a giant rig-a-thon and weird hybrid of biased memey stuff for specific heroes but “serious balance attempt” at other heroes.

Get out of here.

And i see you responding, but dont bother because I won’t be reading what further nonsense you have to say in response. You are just here to whine and complain about people “whining and complaining”. Ironic, huh?!


Yeah the backlash from the forums over this ExC just goes to show that people lack reading comprehension skills. None of this is intended to make it live.

Person who asks people to make up wacky changes for 32 heroes calling me delusional.

Why does it have to be equal? That is your standard, would you participate if they were? Would you watch the event if it was so? Seriously what is the point, why are you so upset about it?

Is it just that you want Moira buffed so bad that it would even be enough if lt was just for an experimental mode made for a community event and nothing else?

Have you ever seen a patch where every hero was changed, why do you have this unreasonable expectation for this?

You actually lack reading comprehension and/or the ability/effort to expand your research.

The lead dude on this, Jon Spector, said on reddit that changes COULD go through but any and all ridiculous/unreasonable ones wont even be considered in the slightest.

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Tracer, Lucio, Ana, Rein main. All makes sense now XD


Mate, I can’t even play the game for the next 3 months because I’m hospitalized, don’t come at me with that dumb bias take when you clearly are biased yourself.

The changes made are not meant to go live bit Jon Specter has to be open to the possibility that some can if for whatever reason there is a decent one among the suggested things. He doesn’t control the game, he controls OWL.

There is no intension for these changes to be brought to live or taken seriously in any way.

Forgive me. I forgot to scan reddit, twitter, facebook, myspace, google+, instagram, snapchat, and tinder for any rogue developer comments before making my comment on the forums.

Sue me.

Not really rogue info at all. People have mentioned the Jon Spector bit in the forums a lot.

Dont get mad at people upset by this when you dont know 100% of the info coming from Blizzard is all.

Why are you so upset about people pointing out multiple issues with the entire thing, including conflicts of interest? It wasn’t just that the people had their biases. They clearly imposed them throughout the voting process. It didn’t seem fair at all, even to the average player. I hate Zarya, but if I were on that panel, I would give her a more significant buff, heck I’d give everyone buffs probably, or significant power shifts that people actually want, like a weaker Dragon Blade in exchange for better non-ult play. They should’ve just went with whatever the people who advocated particular heroes wanted, within reason. You can still have fun with it and be reasonable and buff all the heroes. It’s not impossible.


People just like to come onto the internet and whine and cry and complain and criticize etc about people who are doing those very same things.

Yet they dont ever seem to recognize the irony in doing so.

At least the original people are doing it in an attempt to bring light to an existing issue. The second group is just b-wording about people. Silly behavior and ironic behavior. If the primary people bother them so much, the secondary people would just ignore and not even address the primary people doing those things. A lot of irony involved in the secondary people’s approach to things.

That’s all there is to it.

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It’s because seem to refuse the simpel fact that none of it matters. All things you pointed out as being problems are not problems because it’s supposed to be like that. It’s like people going to watch a fast and furious movie and complaining about the physics not being real.

To be 100% honest, if I alone had the oppurtunity, I would make an objective patch. It is the dream of anyone who believes the devs are inept to prove that they can indeed do the job better, and to squander that oppurtunity just for the sake of heroes that I play would be ridiculous. Especially when I like that the heroes I play are not the best.

I am not a Saint, but I could avoid the temptation of making my personal patch. I would just genuinely want people to have fun on experimental. As it stands now, there is, as usual, basically no point in testing it. That sucks as someone who wanted nothing more than ro have something unique to mess around with.

If I cared about abusing heroes, I would be a Rein/Zarya… Not a freaking Dva one trick, rofl.


I’ve been in like 4 of these types of threads already, and unless these mentions are buried in the comments I haven’t seen them around. I also read the blue post and the official article for the card and nowhere did it even mention the guy’s name. Furthermore he’s not even a dev for ladder balance, he’s just the head of OWL. Even if I were to stalk him on Reddit of all places, I wouldn’t expect him to make statements concerning the balance of the game as a whole.

I mean, does $40,000 not matter? It obviously matters to the people who voted on the panel. They had no intention other than to shine up their own heroes. They aren’t interested in people having fun with it.


By the time the forum finishes balancing, we wouldn’t even have heroes named Genji or Doomfist in the game (not that I would complain about Doom disappear though.)

And match will be decided by Sym/Bastion diff