"This exp card is so biased!"

Of course it is.

They never said it wouldn’t be.

Most of it probably won’t even hit the normal live balance.

It’s just for 1 weekend of fun.

Calm down.



People here really saying the card is biased like they wouldn’t make biased changes themselves. Imagine if the forums were given their own experimental card, I can legit see nerfs for Ana, Zarya, Genji, and Doomfist, even though they’re all balanced (Ana/Zarya), or underpowered (Genji/Doomfist).

Like come on, don’t even pretend like you wouldn’t at least try to sneak in buffs for your favourite hero if given half the chance. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying or an actual saint, and I’d put my money on the former. The large majority of the playerbase don’t actually give a damn about overall balance, they just want their favourite hero to be strong and their least favourite to be weak.


People keep equating it to how balance is done for some reason…

Just use your head for even a tiny bit and you’d realize how ridiculous an assertion that is


Sombra’s nerf will go live anyway

you know :roll_eyes:


I understand what you mean, but this couldve been a real opportunity for pros to give real opinions on which heroes could be buffed and or nerfed instead of turning it into a joke.

This panel just gave people more of a reason to not take pros seriously


All I see this panel do is a nasty number on the community’s morale. Somehow we’re able to hit a new depressive low and people are going to use this as ammunition for years to disregard opinions.

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Sure…if you are an Ana, Lucio, Rein, Zarya, Tracer, Genji/Cree/Hanzo main. What about all the other players in the oturney who dont play this heroes and will be forced to for their team to stand a chance?

Either go full memey and make everyone’s hero stupid or go full serious attempt and try to balance well and fairly.

Dont do this half and half crap where only your mains get rigged in your favor. Imagine if these players were banned from the tourney…I wonder how biased some of the changes would have been then.


The Forums are not a good representation of the overall community.


Except that reddit, a lot of pro and streamers who dont main Ana/Rein, etc seem to be agreeing with the forums. I have yet to see anyone who approves of this clown fiesta even 5% other than super biased Rein and Ana mains. And even then not all of them do.

Thinking face.


When is it gonna hit the servers for us to play? I gotta get my sad/depressing music playlist ready for when when I play hamster.


Yeah I know, but you look on twitter and see Fran complaining about feeling the devs’ pain now and whatnot so the flak is being felt more than just here.

I will tell you I have biases for sure as a mainly tank and support players. I personally do not like facing widow, but I do not want her nefed if I was given a chance. I would not buff Mercy which is one of my most played heroes, since I think she is fine the way she is currently. I would try to be objective if given the chance to effect an experimental patch.

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That’d be nice, and I’d like to believe you, but if it came down to it I’d bet that a sizeable portion of the players wouldn’t be objective considering the amount of “nerf Ana/Zarya/Genji/Doomfist” threads that exist.

People like the OP going on about it being one weekend of fun…


It’s a clapped, basic AF card that, if it WAS for fun, would have actually included some crazy and fun ****. Not actual tryhard Balance With Geoffrey changes that they hope make it to live.

Sorry, but if they’re trying to ‘have fun’ with Overwatch 1 as it winds down (despite us having a year of our sentence left) this ExC ain’t the play.

I say this in love. etc. :slight_smile:


Well, one can only hope

I find it ironic that the defenders of the pros are now talking about “fun” all the sudden while kept repeating like parrots in the past that the game should be balanced around the pros and there is no place for fun. :clown_face:


Yes those threads exist for sure, but I would still think that some people can tell the validity of a thread based on whether they have sound arguments or just mainly talking based on a recent game.

I also think it is good to be able to talk to others in case my biases are clouding my objectivity.

Hana, the very clear and obvious problem with your argument here is that you refuse to accept that this isn’t a serious attempt at a balanced patch notes, in no way has it been advertised to be that.

You are judging their ability to give good balance suggestions in a context where they weren’t supposed to give that. This is their playground where they can buff their mains among other things because they don’t have to think about the overall healthy balance.

There are definitely :clown_face: among us but I think some people haven’t looked in the mirror yet.

I get that fun is subjective, but a bad joke is still a joke. And there might be other people who find it funny.

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No you are the clown here if you cannot grasp the reality of the situation and boil it down to the “it’s just for fun and a dumb tournament” mindset.

They didnt treat this like a joke/meme. They only treated their mains as jokes and memes so their mains could be rigged in the tournament.

Every other hero got no changes or nerfed or the most meaningless changes.

If this was fully a joke/meme then it shouldnt have mattered that “Moira is fine and in a perfect spot right now” and got no changes despite actually needing them.

If “Ana and Zen are fine and doing well right now” and got buffs/changes, then why does it matter if Moira and DF are quote on quote in good places yet got nothing?

Either full clown and meme it or go full on serious attempt to show the devs that maybe they dont know better than the players. I dont/wouldnt have cared either way…but this trashy hybrid approach really got me going.

But no, they instead opted to do this garbage half and half nonsense biased towards giving their mains unfair buffs and/or memey stuff while everyone else got the “serious balance view” and shafted in some cases.


Yeah, that’s what being good at the game or popular gets you, the right to be biased in a patch that doesn’t matter made for a community event.

Were you planning on participating or did you just run out of things to be mad about?