This doesn't work with Sombra's bugs


Sombra’s bugs make this playstyle impossible to consistently pull off.


That and they nerfed her translocator and stealth to death.


Technically Sombra can still be a scout and choose when to attack, but she can’t do anything when she does attack.


I completely agree with you but i was just adding on, i’m not entirely sure how that relates to what brought up? It’s obvious she can’t do anything but this change kicked the corpse of a already dead character.


Surprise attacks are going to be so much easier, ambushing flankers is going to be so much fun, Dropping in on existing battles and changing tides is gonna be way better now… Translocator is now an escape tool and not a distraction technique…

I’ll stick to my guns, make cooldown reset when not used is all that really needs changing and translocator should have a hard to find hitbox even when planted on the ground…


The fact is there are tons of other heroes with better tools that do that job better. You’d choose Sombra for Hack and EMP, which are so inconsistent that it’s impossible to use.