Third Person Camera


I’ve been wanting to play OW in third person lately but when searching for games in the browser, haven’t found any. I also searched online for some codes but all of them gave me an error message once I tried uploading them.

Did something change where this is not enabled/allowed or do I just have bad luck looking?


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I know that codes that are created expire after 6 months, so it may be that you are finding codes that have been past that 6 month threshold and are expired. I believe the code by this user may work, but am unsure:

If you’d want to try creating a rule in the Workshop for a third person camera, the best thing I can recommend is to search up a YouTube tutorial on third person cameras. I recommend this video:

(In its description it has a working code for a third person camera mode that was the code he made in the video itself).

Try one of those codes or follow the instructions in the video, and they should give you the third person you need!

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Thanks! I will review all this when I come home from work. :slight_smile:
Appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

Usually the “Friendly” Lobbies run a 3rd Person camera now.
But they have 2 Different ones
1 Where the camera is straight up just behind the head
(Which is active by default when entering the game)
The 2nd one actually has the camera behind the player looking over the right shoulder
(Which needs to be activated/deactivated by holding F (interact key))