Things i want to see next patch:


I mean, yeah storm arrows are a bit much right now. I’m just not sure changing the duration is the way to go with the changes. Most hanzos i’ve seen use the ability immediately, making this change somewhat pointless? Unless i’m misunderstanding this haha.


To his storm arrow enhanced shots yes. His normal arrows as far as patchnotes go. Are unchanged.

But what’s so problematic that Hanzo can hit Pharah? Soldier IS hitscan and Mccree is too. AND Widow. Why is Hanzo’s projectiles being borderline hitscan a bad thing? They still aren’t which means you can dodge them.

Therein as so many people on the forum says: “Git gud”. Dodge better than the hanzo can aim.


You forgot reverse Junkrats nerfs as far as everything else ehh…

Ana- I’d rather they use like color instead of transparency. Maybe yellow for good and red for HELP


Bastion- not really a rework but a retooling. Maybe add more to his kit.

Sombra- absolutely.

Sym and Torb- mmmh…not to sure.


You forgot this:


  • Shield Bash on a slightly higher CD than 6 seconds
  • E ability now on 7 second cool down
  • E ability now does 100 instead of 150


They are using this immediately because they use it when they have opportunity.
But sometimes this ability is used preemptively because 8 second duration allows it.

I don’t know why he should have whole 8 seconds to use his arrows, when the time required to shoot all 6 arrows in a row - 1.5 seconds (4 arrows per second).


This is his normal bow not his storm arrows ability. Do you play Hanzo at all? Even for those who don’t play him the change is immediately noticeable.

Nobody said that’s problematic. I’m saying you’re wrong when you say his normal arrows aren’t consistent. That’s a lie as they are pretty consistent now with his projectile speed increased, consistent enough to even hit Pharah.


Personally I’d just drop shield bash lol or get rid of the stun.


Ohh, alright, that makes more sense! In that case i could see why changing the duration would be a good choice. :slight_smile:


Shield bash would be fine if it were more situational.

8 second cool down, 100 damage dealt to her shield after hitting a target. Making her punishment for the stun an actual thing in the game.


Wow didn’t knew that. Thanks


YES! I happily support this. She just gets away with to much by doing so little at the moment. Every other hero including the dont aim ones has to work twice as hard as her to get results.


Yeah his buffs were pretty big. He got buffs to his normal arrows, a leap ability and storm arrows which is outputting more reliable damage and making him get his ultimate faster than scatter.

That’s why I would agree to your proposed nerf to Storm arrows duration.


See the problem with her character is that she is too easy. I understand more counters to Genji and Tracer were needed I guess.

Cough “McCree and Winston weren’t enough…” cough

They create a hero that takes little time to master to defeat heroes that take forever to master? How on Earth is that fair to them?


Oh i misunderstood you a little. I thought that projectile speed buff applies only on normal arrows, not Storm Arrows


No you got it right the first time. The person was saying that Hanzo’s normal attack wasn’t reliable because it wasn’t changed. I linked the patch notes because his normal attack was buffed.

I’m pretty sure both his normal attack and his storm arrows both move at 100 meters per second.


I don’t think that she need changes now.
Her ultimate was nerfed
Her shield bash hitbox was nerfed (check Hero Bug Fixes)
Shield bash cooldown was nerfed right where it should be.
Hog have 8 second cooldown because he can stun and pull one enemy from 20 meters.
McCree have 10 seconds on flashbang because it’s AOE and he can follow-up it with 140 hp Headshot (kills target if it had 185 hp or less) or with Fan The Hammer - up to 295 damage with 6 bullets + flash damage (takes only 4 shots to kill full-200hp enemy)

Brigitte can stun only one enemy in 6 meter range, push herself to this target and she can follow-up it with flail shot-strike (overall combo damage - 160) and push target away. Also she is unable to use it when her shield is broken


That wasn’t a problem.

Actually, that was an indirect nerf to all heroes, technically. She now has the ability to target the desired hero, so no, that isn’t a nerf to her.

No, it needs at least 1 more second to help make stun-lock meta a thing of the past

Which was actually quite easy to interrupt. Hook 1.0 had a lot of issues, this wasn’t a really big one.

McCree is also heavily punished, you know. McCree’s AOE stun, then shoot, is heavily punishable for him. Unless he is alone with a single hero, he cannot be punished because the hero dies rather quickly. The only acceptable hero to have a low CD for a stun, is Doomfist. He is punished for having a kit that relies entirely on abilities.

But when he shield breaks and comes back within 3 seconds, she can bash again? Despite it being 20 damage or not. At least limit that, because that is completely unfair.

“In that time, you should be able to kill her.” Except she isn’t the easiest hero to kill since she can toss you around like pizza dough with her wack-a-mole hammer. (I know it is a flail)


I do play Hanzo. The “apparent” change in projectile speed isn’t noticeable at all. It doesn’t feel any different to me.


Pharmercy hard nerfed on console, thats all i ask


Well the sun can come up and you can always have that one person who says they couldn’t notice it’s daytime so I’m not surprised… That doesn’t change that most players, especially Hanzo players either read the patch notes or personally realized it changed.