Things I love about the game, a "Thank You" to the devs

Part of me wants to be like <.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<.<

but ill hold off on it

If they let you purchase currency, that does not give them the chance for players to keep spending money on mutliple loot boxes to get that certain skin they want. They would rather make you gamble.

It’s like WoW. They put things like mounts/races/etc. behind a time wall. You doe daily quests for people every day for months. Once you get a certain rep, you can get that mount. It’s all about stalling for time so they can charge you for that next monthly sub.

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Sorry but the most popular thread in this forum is about Mercy being in a bad spot. She is incredibly popular and many people are disappointed with the failed rework. We dont want her OPAF again we want her fun and good to play again. If we really wanted her OPAF again we would ask for release valk again and not mass-rez.


Agreed. Thank you devs for making and continuing to work on this game. Please keep it up.


They only show their faces in the forum to soak up praise or to answer to meaningless lore questions during lunch apparently…Its almost as they know how bad they f*cked up and are afraid of picking up the phone.

C’mon Blizz, we just wanna talk…


This probably won’t get a response, but I figured I give it a shot anyway.

Hey Tom, thanks for all you guys have done for both the community and this game. :slight_smile:

I was wondering if you guys checked out the following thread from Titanium.

It has over 1,500 likes, so I’d say that it’s quite a hot topic on here. I just figured I ask since it’s been the all time top thread in your forums for quite some time now, and I would highly suggest giving it a look. :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


Retract those fangs bubby, it’s not healthy for you.

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Huh, so you’ll take the time to comment in threads thanking you, but not the lie that’s posted in the megathread nor the discussion that happens there? It’s not calling out if I reply to you, right? It’s funny how you only comment on sweet nothings yet ignore the things that matter, and then get angry when people get upset or bitter. Very interesting.


I’ll thank you when you guys actually make good on anything that should have been done for console players.

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No wonder they don’t want to reply to anyone on the forums. Yeesh.


that sounds really sarcastic consedering where this game is right now balance wise. And how bad were summer games.


Thanks for working so hard on Overwatch! Really appreciate all the new content we keep getting!

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I’m not even sure if that’s true. I mean maybe from the OWL side, but not for us. If it was for us I am certain we would see Symmetra tweaks, Mercy fix, Sombra fix, Torbjorn and etc moderate pacing of tweaks.


The bastion mains with over 10K responses have a word to say

The sombra mains too

and of course mercy mains


Grabbing a bear, and popcorn, this is gonna be a good one.

Want one?

lol, don’t they lock threads that call out the devs?


Thank you for Junkrat.

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Any chance we could get something about oh… I don’t know. The general state of the entire tank category (it ain’t good)… Uhm, Mercy. Sombra. Symmetra 3.0 (!). Bastion. Torb. Almost forgot those two. Oh! Hanzo is still OP, so when are the next rounds of nerfs? Uhm… who else is doing badly right now? Reaper. Roadhog. He deserves mention twice because he’s just a bullet sponge. Mei. How’s junkrat doing? I don’t know. Maybe him too.

You know what? Just revert the game back to when it was when it came out. It’s just less painful for everyone that way.


Should I even explain why too much positivity is bad for the growth of a company and a its business?

Long explination short. The positive feedback clouds and smokescreens constructive critism. Meaning it makes it harder to pinpoint the actual issues customers/consumers have with said service and/or product.

On a basic business sense companies will not waste time and resources to fix what doesn’t need to be fix. Therefore business logic states to keep the game in its current form as is without any change because the customer is happy.

So rather than taking the chance to change much of anything we will be left with the same thing as last year with minor additions.

Rather than a good sweep across the board as we need in many many issues.


That would take a little more effort. Meanwhile responding to meaningless forum posts like this require no effort at all.