They're charging legendary prices for a kiriko epic bundle

$19 for her new epic skin bundle
Honestly kiriko mains getting what they deserve imo. They paid high dollar for all the other garbage blizzard put out for her (like the OPM skin that was just her default skin in a wig), let them keep getting fleeced


It had a bare legs!!! Teenagers were so exited

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I’ve got like 20 full games in my steam wishlist that are less than $20 right now.


I saw the price and almost choked on my drink yesterday lmao.

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Fox emote

This is all thats needed

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Make Sugar Bomb skin available again, accidentally missed it during the only week it was available, and it flew fast.

Grody. :fearful:

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$19 for a bundle is fair.

The bundle I believe includes the skin, emote, souvenir and a spray, all for 1900 coins.

Yeah so its still 19$ for a skin
Souvenir / emote are just there to increase the price lmao.

When in reality they have the same value as a fart in a box.

They just count on players who are going to think the same as you do to justify this kind of bs x)


No, it’s $19 for the bundle.

If you just want the skin, it’s actually cheaper, since you can buy it separately. If you only want the skin and the emote for example separate purchases will cost you a total of 1500 coins. 400 coins less than what the bundle costs.

This is the way to go if you’re actually interested in the skin and/or emote. The rest of the bundle simply isn’t worth the extra coins.

Of course, all of it is overpriced regardless, but if you must buy the skin and emote, buying separately in the gallery is you best bet.

the hair looks really bad to me i don’t know why

Still a ripoff for cash cows no matter how you look at it sorry xD

in the hero gallery it’s $10

The skin by itself is literally $10

You are wrong.

$19 for a bundle is fine, in all honesty, and if Blizzard wants to continue pricing bundles at $19 then I’m fine with that, because people who want individual items can always get them for cheaper than the bundle price.

How do people still not understand how these bundles work? The individual items within the bundles could be fairly priced and you could still end up with $20 bundles if you put enough items in them.

I think you can buy it for 1000 coins in the hero gallery. So no. The skin is 10 bucks (that is also to much).

$10 for a retexture and remodeled hair.

That’s not worth 10 bucks.
Neither is it worth $19 with the additional "goodies"

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And if you don’t have the other versions of the skin, genius?

It’s a remodel of the Default skin.
Good luck going out of your way obtaining that one.