They nerfed objectively the worst hero in the game. 🤦‍♀️


Sym- wait…

No, no we’ve all heard about that by now.

What do i mean?

We far and few players of this hero have been waiting for years for a real genuinely useful change to our hero…

And finally!
What do we get?

A nerf.

Yes, this is a nerf.
And a QOL change that means we can’t accidentally needlessly waste our already finite healing resource anymore by hitting the button when we’re on full health, as you can do by accident or priming for damage you know you’re about to take.

But yes, Bastion, has received a nerf.

Thank you all, i’ll be on the floor crying.

Are we not allowed any fun without a punch in the face?


As they force Barrierwatch it’s essential to nerf any potential counters to Orisigma.


Oh yea, that’s the other fun thing.

Bastion stands 0 chance against a Sigma head on.

I know 1v1’s are rare in the “Main game” But seriously, Sigma destroys him.


Sorry about that. Bastion doesn’t need a nerf.


did you even read the post dude?

edit: nice edit there lmao


I’m guessing this was towards Sym. lul.


it was, but apparently forums dont show edits if not more than 1 line is changed.

edit: see?


Also i just wanna add something…


ive said this before but bastion and sym are third class, mercy and others are 2nd class and shamada bros/doomfist are first class, nerf the 3rd class despite the first class being really broken and call it a day.


And who says art can’t follow reality?


Feels the same bruh.

Pats your shoulder in Sombra main


Is hacked anyways


pats your shoulder in mercy dmg boost.


Has flashbacks of being killed by ulting Mercy’s that are impossible to kill as Bastion due to movement and spread


they already did that with sombra which is the real worst heroes of this game

they like nerfing weak heroes


idk about you but sym is just as bad as sombra.


the stat says sombra is the number one worst heroes


At least you can all move.


at least shes picked more in owl than sym, less than 1% pick rate…


“Laughs in 0.52%…”
And that’s in the main game.