They Nerfed Brig Again

Still defeats Cell :man_shrugging:

lmao no brig is still plenty strong. She’s never been good as a second healer, as she lacks utility like moira. She’s a great 3rd healer tho. Her burst heal will always be super strong, especially when u remember the fact that a winston’s dmg is completely null against armor if u pair brigs passive heal with lucios

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Dude Brig isn’t some underpowered hero with no use. She DEFINES the goats comp. Burst heal and passive aura is her strongest power in making normal armor super tanky against say Winston

Please check this out:


Not a surprise. The universe will come to a standstill and implode if Blizz doesn’t give Brig at least a double nerf monthly. They truly want her to be a pile of garbage who can do nothing.

I expect another nerf to happen before February is over :unamused:

This mainly targets Zarya and it’s a good indirect nerf to her.
Outside of that the impact won’t be felt by the Brig player. It mainly makes Zarya more manageable to deal with when armoured up.
It’s a nerf to those with shielding, not Brigite, as it doesn’t change her output.

No, they just made non recoverable armour and shields be consumed first. This is NOT a nerf to brig, it’s a nerf to heavy-shielded characters that benefit from having extra armour. If old torb was still in the game then noone would be complaining.

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I mean they might just remove Brig at this point, since all they seem to do is nerf her anyways.

To begin with, it should’ve been like that from the start, also, if anything this change forces value out of her ult, not the other way around.

Unless you’re simply NOT taking any damage, armor will take it up first, meaning it will do its intended job.

As for Zen/Zarya, again, this interaction should’ve been made like that from the start, it doesn’t make sense otherwise. Why the hell would you keep non recoverable HP/Shields/Armor behind your actual health pool? This makes it so armor does not fulfill its intended purpose.


You do realize this change actually makes Rally’s armor be used right? Instead of inflating certain heroes health pools and since it now has a limited duration, that’s a good change.


Now that none of the armour is permanent this is actually a buff.

Yes they buffed Brig.

As of the last patch, you apply armour (repair pack or Rally) and your shields get damaged first, then you lose your bonus health after a set time regardless of the damage you have taken. Now you lose that armour health you were going to lose anyway.

You also get the damage reduction from armour before it eats into your shields. This is very important against heroes who do sustained damage like Soldier.

As someone who plays a lot of Mercy, currently if these heroes are taking damage I have to stick on heal beam to keep them topped up, because we can’t risk them losing sheld health and then their armour falling off by itself. Now, like other characters who have a solid chunk of extra armour, I can damage boost when they’re under fire for much longer.

This is a buff guys, a very minor one that only affects her synergy with 3 heroes.

This can’t be a nerf, because with the new change that has her armor deplete after 30 seconds, heroes with natural shields will render that extra health useless unless shields are depleted.
This change will have any extra health given to a hero be used first before anything. If the Rally armor didn’t deplete than this would be a massive nerf.