They Nerfed Brig Again


To simplify, on live, if you give armor to a Zen, Zarya, or Sym, it’ll take damage after their shields, but on PTR, if you give them armor, it’ll take damage before their shields. This is also a nerf to those respective characters.


Lol… maybe this one will finally be enough.


It’s better this way, trust me.


I thought asking for further Brig nerfs was a meme by now.
Got em anyways.


sees another brig nerf
Blizzard : No…for the 3rd time


Honestly, the Rally duration nerf and this nerf should’ve been implemented months ago, and multiple of the other nerfs (Barrier Health, SB damage, etc) never added.


Wait, that is also a net nerf to Zarya, Symmetra and Zenyatta.

I see no problems with this. People did complain about the order of HP type priority being a key in making armor strong.


Good change.
Should of always been this way.


They need to revert some of her other nerfs. She’s just a meme at this point.


Damn…brig just can’t stop getting slapped with the nerf bat. Just rework this character lol.


Might as well remove the hero at this point tbh.


i like how brig alone caused so many mechanical changes to be made to this game

it’s almost like she was a miserable addition to the game


This makes me think back to the Mercy nerfs and that pic someone made of a sad, abused Mercy after all the nerfs.

If someone made a pic like that for Brigitte it would just be a 50 ft. crater with a few pieces of scorched and blasted armor rolling around.



I’d say quite the contrary. She was really needed, to see what really should be changed in the basic game mechanics! :stuck_out_tongue:


“Oops! … I did it again” - Jeff Kaplan 2019


These damn RKO’s out of nowhere are really killing Brigitte at this time.


Should have been that way from the start, same story as them adding a time limit onto Brig’s ult. Is she UP? Yup. Should all her jank be removed? Definitely.

Before Brig gets buffs she needs to be worth buffing.


I feel like I am not seeing the picture here. Can someone explain to me what is happening?
So, if a character has armor or shield and then given armor by Brig. That armor from brig will be taken down first? Wasn’t it like that before?
Or are you saying that before shield regenerate the armor that is given by Brig has to be gone first in order for the shield to regenerate?
Can someone explain this a little more clearly? haha


If Brig gives a hero who has shields armor, the armor will be lost before the shields.

Before, the hero would lose their shields first, then then armor.

This means that a hero like Zarya could keep Rally armor for a long time, since chip damage would always come off her shields.