They nerf pulse bomb but not rip tire


They did nerf Riptire.


They slowed down Rip-tire as well as making his projectiles smaller meaning he will miss more often meaning less Rip-tire

Also Junkrat wasn’t the best DPS option in every situation like Tracer was



They nerfed Rip tire.


Riptire is fine and has been so much better after it’s massive buff. 'Nuff said.


they aren’t really comparable, tracers ult is instant, junks make him extremely vulnerable, gives a good amount of warning time before it hits and can be destroyed.



Oh my apologies.

I didn’t see the Junk changes.



Dont copy me >:V

btw they made it slower so is easier to destroy it now (And easier to control on console)


Wump wump wummmppppp


Chill dude

(20 limit)


Love it. OP managed to skip over all the patch notes to find Tracer related stuff and immediately comes to the forums to rage about it.

Might want to take the time to fully research patch notes before making assumptions like this OP.


charging every 45-60secs. almost as lethal as before. why junk is allowed to be so freaking op?


Don’t reply.

Someone only told me tracer got nerfed.

I didn’t hear the Junkrat part


First off. they did nerf pules bomb.
Second. Pulse bomb isn’t what even makes tracer a threat.
Third. Oh we can destroy pulse bomb now? neat.
But feel free to blow this out of proportion.


You see, The best thing to do when hear about something is to VERIFY it from the source.

Saves you the embarrassment.


You disappoint me, Kn0wledge!


Dude chill. You think I’m embarrassed because I didn’t get some other message?

Chill out. I don’t even care.


Comparing Pulse Bomb and Riptire is like comparing Deadeye and Tactical Visor… similar in that they kill things with guns but the similarities pretty much end there

Junkrat’s still able to solo ult a Bastion/Sym constructs etc because his ult can be destroyed (even easier now that it’s slower)

Tracer is no longer able to solo ult a Bastion/Sym constructs etc because she can cross a good portion of the map in an instant (i.e. a Tracer attacking point A of Hollywood while there’s a Bastion set up right in front of those giant doors to the right of the choke), drop her Pulse Bomb on him for a free kill, and rewind back to her teammates with 0 consequences or counterplay


Chill? I am sitting here enjoying the heck out of these patch notes.

You cared enough to post a thread without verifying the information first. So forgive me if I do not buy the “I do not care” claim. :slight_smile:


Well then you can enjoy your forum ban for trolling then.

Why would I even care anyways? It’s not like people like you even matter in my life so why should I care what you and others think?

Grow up.