THEY MENTIONED SOMBRA. Happy happy happy

Yes, my expectations were, in fact, that low. Has anyone seen whether or not it’s better?



this is a sign of hope!!! this is the first step to getting Sombra fixed,but at least we now know that they’re listening


She is a great counter to this meta I have been playing her in qp lately and it messes up people hard

It’s kinda sad how she easily has the potential to be the most oppressive hero in the game strictly looking at what’s in her kit and seeing what actually happened to her.

It’s time for Sombra to finally hack the planet :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this is the issue. She’s sort of like doomfist… the line between useless and oppressive is paper thin.


Especially in this kind of game where they try to make everyone as OP as possible.

If you traded out an OW character and put them in any other FPS they’d steamroll them.

I get a Zarya feel from her. If you blow your cds real fast your a sitting duck. But using positioning also shows the difference in skill cap.

I think only Dva or Bastion could survive Bioshock infinite on 1999 mode, and Bastion would be screwed at a big fight or at the sight of a handyman.

Ok that’s a bit extreme lol.

Don’t disagree, per se, but she has been the former for most of her time and only approached the latter for a 2 week period.
If they’re so worried about hack being opressive they could have just buffed any of her other abilities or her dps haha

So they fixed what they broke and now we are back where we started.

Now lets get this cool down removed and get her out of Charizard tier.

I think they want to find the right balance. The Devs strike me as perfectionists. I mean, if you’ve ever played Total Mayhem with a good Sombra, it’s absolutely awful. She’s the most oppressive character in the game. She also requires the most coordination IMO (with new Sym), so it’s hard to actually get all of the value out of her. I mean, she’s pretty viable in OWL still, isn’t she?

I hope she finds a good spot though, because I love using her kit.

Eh, she’s not really viable. And I do alright with her, I main her but even I don’t play her total mayhem. That’s just morally wrong imo lol.

Owl she’s got a less than stellar pickrate. And honestly the coordination she requires is why I personally think she is the best designed dps hero. Like she makes it a team game and makes playing against her a team game. I don’t think in game, hack could be argued as the “insta-kill” I see it refered to. Otherwise emp bot sombra would have gotten triple kills every thirty seconds haha.

I have a friend who’s a pretty damn good Sombra main. When we play together, if the enemy isn’t coordinated, they get steamrolled on EMP. It’s an automatic push if you use it properly, especially on attack. I’m honestly not sure what I think Sombra needs, but I do agree that she’s less than ideal.

I’m on console, so I hear she’s less bugged here but I mean, if your team is more coordinated then theirs, you should win, right?

As am I.

And yeah for the most part. But it’s been with some terrible team comps and against other talented players. I just think it’s a top 5 ult, and that hack is one of the stronger abilities, so I definitely get their apprehension. As someone who plays a lot of tank Competitively, a well timed hack and follow up is nearly impossible to stop. Just a hot knife through butter haha.

Hacking a tank is useful and often necessary, but I reserve a special glee for when I hack a Genji, Tracer, or Doomfist who has dove into our backline. Watching the moment where overconfidence turns to panic is a pretty hilarious sight.

Does nobody else get annoyed when they get hacked constantly? The fun in this game is using your abilities, which Sombra completely negates.