They keep making Mercy easier (and less fun) to play by nerfing her

I’ll fix you.
“They’re laughing into it”

More realistic

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When to Rez use to be like its own little mini game, but now it’s just “Rez if I can”


Well, your analysis is not wrong. It was not the fact that she was OP that made her more fun than she is now, but the mechanisms. Unfortunately the mechanisms (of instant rez) were also powerful. And I enjoyed pre-rework and pre-invulnerability Mercy more than I enjoy current Mercy, so it’s not so much about power but the feeling of playing Mercy.

But you are right. Rez is powerful, especially as a 30 second cooldown ability, and it needed to be toned down. In hindsight I would much rather have gotten rid of rez during the initial rework phase than to have suffered through these 11 or so nerfs. Perhaps the drama would have been about the same, but we would probably have had a more fun hero right now. Perhaps it’s worth taking on the ensuing drama in order to have a fun hero a year from now with Mercy 3.x? I think so anyways, but I’m one of the Mercy mains (former) who is ok with losing rez.

I actually find that the healing nerf forces you to do (sometimes crucial) decision making quite more often than before.

If your team is in a brawl with the enemy team and multiple teammates are in a critical state, who are you going to heal first since you know it takes you longer to bring them out of critical state now? Tanks for longer sustainability or dps squishies to make sure there is enough damage to finally turn the tides by getting a kill?

Also, deciding to go for a rez mid fight needs to be well calculated even more now to ensure that no one even reaches said critical status because this is often a death sentence for them even if you beam is back on them.

I dont think it makes her easier (but neither harder) - people just need to adjust to it. And about the fun/boring gameplay - thats always debateable and individual preference.

To be honest i never have enjoyed playing Mercy. I only played her because Rez was a huge factor. But I got so tired of playing her and her boring play style that i just stopped and played other supports. Now they all got buffed and Mercy got a nerf, so all the more reason not to go fall aslee-I mean play her again.

Titanium already offered a rework of Mass rez so that it feels good to use, is balanced and has counterplay, and fixes all the inherent gameplay problems like “hid n rez” or “let your teammates die for a better rez”.

It’s in their “Solution” tab of the best written feedback post I’ve ever seen:

Praise balance
let it flow around you
and through you
and into the game because it’s balance could use all the help it can get.

This sums up the complaints about Mercy’s rework quite nicely.

you talk like its hard to hid behind everyone else on your team and hold M1…

Mercy needs to be reworked to Reflect the Term “Support” instead of holding m1 and getting carried :confused:

Geez the positivity and overall likes vrs comments on this thread is crazy!

Can’t have peaks without valleys.

Any thoughts on how Mercy could be less consistent, but more effective?

Make Mercy’s biggest impact moments rely heavily on precise timing.

I’d keep Mercy’s hps at 50, even though it’s not enough to keep teammates under fire alive. In exchange, Mercy gets an E ability that can make up the difference if the user is good at timing it right and using it creatively.

As for the ult… you’re not gonna like it, but I’d put AoE rez back. It would have a LoS restriction and a .6 second cast time, and (in addition to rezzing) give living allies 1.75 seconds of invulnerability. Mercy wouldn’t need to take steps to ensure she’s the last survivor if she doesn’t have to wait for teammates to die before she can help them with her ult. Mercy would be able to use rez at anytime, not only when there are nearby dead teamamtes.

This version of rez can be wasted, it can be interrupted, it might be only minimally helpful or turn an entire game around. It depends on when the Mercy uses it.

Like what?

Why are ya’ll replying to a thread made 4 months ago

A few things off the top of my head:

Pacify: Mercy shoots out a bolt of light (like soldier’s helix rockets). The bolt is a single target-debuff that suppresses an enemy’s damage for a short period of time.

E Valkyrie: Mercy gets 3 seconds of flight, and her beams are buffed. Healing gets buffed to 75hp, and damage boost gives the ally a 15% move speed bonus.

(I wouldn’t buff damage boost past 30%, because anything more than that makes a lot of heroes capable of one-shotting when they shouldn’t.)

Vaccine: Mercy gets a resource meter. She can’t use her gun or staff while channeling from it. Mercy uses the meter to target an ally and channel a mini-fortify buff onto a teammate. Max duration: 2 or 3 seconds.

(Mini fortify: there’s two ways to do it. The first gives the ally a 20% damage resistance and speeds up all stun/debuff timers. The second gives a 30% damage resistance and immunity to cc, but it can’t clear cc that’s already landed)

All of these are up for discussion, and I’m open to other suggestions.

So, for the sake of argument. Let’s say they did swap Valk and Rez.

But instead of a multirez they just do a quick/instant single rez, with whatever Ult charge needed to balance that out.

Then have an E-Valk, with healing boost, free flight, and a bit of permaregen. (And just 10hps chain beams cause the devs seem to love chain beams).

How about that?

I love when people complain “Mercy is a braindead healer”
And then the mercy community is like:
“Well we have some ideas to make her a little more impactful AND add some skill to her “

Then the people say:
“Stop whining mercy moron, you always complain. Papa Jeff said Mercy is fine like this, you should be happy with her like this”

Hypocritical much?

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Single-target ult Rez would have to charge as fast as pulse bomb in order for it to have any real power… but that’s when the balance gets really tricky.

Really good Mercies would be so good at charging their ult quickly that she’d be a must-pick in the high ranks.

The Mercies who don’t charge their ult as quickly would have almost zero presence in the game’s ult economy, making single-target Q rez a horrible ult in the low-mid ranks.

I’m also leery of bringing back any form of instarez, because I don’t think it has enough counterplay. Every ability needs to give enemies a chance to react.

How about you, what’s your favorite idea for a Mercy E ability?

She was never that difficult, by design, and she is still very much about choices, timing, and decisions.

Yeah, this is true for the most part. I’d say the most skill intensive part was constantly running away to stay alive (even more than now) because killing Mercy was basically the win condition for every fight.

Not really, it just made the impact a lot less by only letting you resurrect one person. You have to put even more thought into it now. There are more decisions and choices

  • Do I resurrect the tank or DPS? Which has their ultimate?
  • Can someone support me as I go for this resurrect?
  • Can the enemy see me or am I safe? Is hog’s hook on cooldown? Can McCree flashbang me?
  • Will someone die if I use this resurrect?
  • Should I wait until the last moment I have to use resurrect or go for it now?
  • My resurrect has 5 more seconds on its cooldown. If I fly to that teammate do I have the time to resurrect?
  • The list goes on…

I’m really tired of this intentionally superficial description of the ability.

You act like the team is always within range of each other. This is not the case!!

One of my common uses for Valkyrie is to be able to heal two groups of teammates without having to make myself too vulnerable. Both groups being out of chain healing range of each other (by necessity).

Target prioritization is easier, but it still exists with Valkyrie.

This is telling, though, because you likely have teammates that die during your Valkyrie attempts because you lazily assume it simply heals everyone no matter who you have the beam on at all times.

So, I still disagree with this superficial description, but even if it was true, why is that a problem exactly?
The time to use many ultimate abilities is trivial.
The optimal time to use most support ultimate abilities is trivial.

Even so, there are more times to use it than you describe. Besides what I mentioned above, you can use it to get back to an extremely important fight quicker.
In a game on Hanamura attack we were in OT trying to cap the second point. When I spawned I went to the left and used my ultimate to get back just in time to heal and help my team.

Perhaps you just need to get better with it and put more thought into where you can use it instead of complaining about it not being effective?

And if you seriously just “press spacebar and hold a mouse-button, then observe people running around on the ground” then you are under utilizing the ability. It’s as simple as that.
If the enemy is bad enough to not attack you then sure, that’s what you do. But that’s nearly never the case. I guess it may depend on the rank, but most people know to use Tac Visor or simply shoot the floating Mercy.

And about it not being engaging or fun. How? You can literally fly and everything else about you is better. I have a blast using Valkyrie. I’m sorry you can’t seem to have fun with a great ultimate.

It’s far more engaging and fun than “press q and watch some DPS or Tank destroy the enemy team”
Otherwise known as Nanoboost.

Or what about Widowmaker’s sight? That’s not “engaging or fun”, but it’s not a problem is it?

You’re completely wrong. It’s not less about one and more about the other. It’s both!
“Which target do I resurrect? The Zenyatta is behind cover and safe, but he doesn’t have his ultimate. We just killed their off-healer, so maybe I should resurrect Reinhardt even though he’s not in the safest location, but can I still resurrect him? He has shatter and if we lose the fight we lose… I’m going to go for it”

I’ve done this type of thinking a lot and have gotten the less convenient one resurrected many times because he was the one with the ultimate.

What? Calculated bravery lost? I can’t count the amount of times I have had a teammate say something like “That was a ballsy res Mercy! Thank you!”. Perhaps you’re playing more passive and more in the back-line, but that’s on you. Also, Mercy has loved being in the back-line since season one.

Pharmercy is still very much a thing by the way.

You know you can swoop back and forth and continue healing the same person, right? At least if you have Guardian Angel does not prefer beam target on like I do.

It does none of those things. It makes healing take a bit longer. That’s it.

Again, you can still swoop around and continue healing the target you need healed while swapping if need be. This isn’t gone. I do it all the time. If you have Guardian Angel prefers beam target then this might be difficult for you though.

The most recent support patch has been my favorite all-time patch precisely because it makes the supports more balanced. I agree I would like Mercy to do a little more healing, but honestly I play fine with her as is.

I also play the other supports as I am more of a support main and I love that I can go Lucio or Zenyatta without being told to swap to Mercy or we lose.

Her ceiling is low, but it honestly isn’t much lower than it was before. In fact, I would argue it is actually higher, personally.

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