🛑 They finally buffed mcree

They finally buffed Mcree! BUT it was completely useless and there is still no reason to pick him over Hanzo…

Range increased from 70 meters to 200 meters
Developer Comments: While McCree’s Deadeye rarely came into play at 70 meters, we are increasing the range so it cannot be a limiting factor during normal gameplay.
Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 5, 2018

Better explination of how usless this is

I’d hardly call this a buff. It’s a nice change, but isn’t enough to make him a strong pick imo.


I honestly didnt even know there was a range limit on it. How many spots are there even where it makes a difference to have a range of 200m instead of 70m.


i feel like blizz is spitting in Mcree players faces though, this change will almost never impact the game.


Exactly! it was so pointless and not at all what everyone was asking for

Wow… just… because that was really what was wrong with Dead Eye. Yep.

How insulting.


Dead-eye used as another fast reload tool in the middle of a fight and that what they buff??


yup, its so insulting.

I think you guys are missing the point. This isn’t supposed to be some major buff, it’s a quality of life change because that 1 time in 100 that you are near the range cap, it’s noticeable and it matters.

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but they are looking at quality of life instead of actual buffs that make him viable

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This buff brought to you by Blizzard’s new dev from Japan, Harry Anzo.

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That describes nearly every single one of his buffs that was not the removal of fall-off damage.


It’s a nice buff and all and in theory it’s nice to have “unlimited” range on it but like, in practice it won’t help much. If someone is that far away than your sight-lines are gonna be so narrow that they’ll have cover around them. It’s baby steps I guess

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My rule of thumb was to always hide when McCree ults, or try and block the damage. I never realized there was a range for Dead Eye, lol.

So can they reduce his damage fall off now??


For snipers maybe? Maybe against heroes who have unlimited range on their weapons? Idk, seems kinda like it would make sense and make the ability much more consistent.

there are only about 3 places that this buff would actually effect

Even still, it allows it to be more effective and consistent.

Now, you can effectively say “If they’re on my screen, I can kill them with deadeye” rather than before you would say that they might be too far away (such as the example).

Overall, this doesn’t change much. It likely was paired with something else (maybe a slight MS increase?) to help it out even more.

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They buffed that?

Are you kidding?!


So technically, in a weird way, McSniper is back lol

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yeah, but he has to wait a second for that widow to flickshot him while he charges it up