These PTR patchnotes are a middle-finger to tanks and Brigitte


Reiteration of the patchnotes:

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – January 7, 2019:

These patchnotes absolutely cannot go live. They’re not what this game needs, nor does it properly balance the heroes. All this does is make Reaper an OP behemoth, makes tank players considerably less likely to want to tank now, and Brigitte near irrelevant.



  • This hurts literally every hero in the roster. His life steal increase to 50% does not fix the problems people have with him, only gives him the Bastion treatment
    His problems are not the life steal. This increase to 50% gives body shots the potential to heal him 40 health per shot. 40 health per shot. That does not even include what a headshot is capable of. He will annihilate anyone who opposes him that he gets near
  • Shadowstep is still terrible and still needs a buff or change
  • If you want Reaper to be stronger against tanks and GOATS, why not just give him armor piercing rounds? This buffs him, but also does not hurt the tanks protection against fast rounds like Tracer and Soldier. With the latest short story about Jack and Ana, we learn Reaper already has cell degenerating rounds, so why not implement that into the game to where it pierces armor?

Armor and Brigitte

  • This is a direct nerf to Brigitte’s effectiveness, as well as the primary reason (Rally) she is selected. If armor’s effectiveness diminishes against heroes like Tracer, Genji, McRightClick, and Soldier, why even pick Brigitte to begin with? People keep saying how she passively counters heroes like Tracer with armor, but if that is nerfed, what’s even the point now? I’d rather have a Sound Barrier or even Valkyrie and Rez on my team than weak armor
  • This hurts the tanking role so much to the point I can already see tanks being selected even less. Consider me one of those players if these go live. Tanks are the most reliant on coordination with their team and their teammates in order to be effective. So if you partner that with weaker stability and weaker durability, consider the tanking role’s playerbase even smaller
  • Tanks like Zarya and Roadhog are not affected by this really, in fact, Roadhog, as well as Orisa, are now more effective against armor and other tanks. But half of Orisa’s health is armor, and she only has 400hp, so I would honestly say she is even less viable now, because her indirect damage increase against heroes with armor won’t matter against heroes like McCree and Reaper that will now be crapping all over her dead body
  • Didn’t we nerf Tracer’s Pulse Bomb to make her less of a “tank buster” and more of a flanker who dismantles the Supports? I feel like all this does if give further confidence to go back to bullying tanks, which is exactly why Pulse Bomb was nerfed to begin with. This just potentially brings us back to old problems


  • The players that flex to tanks are now going to be less compelled to flex with D.Va getting nerfed with the armor changes, as well as Defense Matrix being weakened. I know D.Va is popular and her pickrates high, but she is honestly quite balanced, and still requires skill and excellent timing to get full-potential from her strongest trait: Defense Matrix
  • She is picked for Defense Matrix
  • I really don’t have a lot to provide other than D.Va is fine. Was fine


  • The tanking playerbase will diminish and be less compelled to want to tank. It now gives them even more justification for learning other roles better, such as DPS
  • GOATS will definitely weaken, which I agree needed to be, but this is not the correct way to go about it because all it does it kill GOATS, making it near unviable, and further promotes going back to Dive, especially with Tracer benefiting greatly with these potential changes
  • Brigitte was honestly feeling quite fair and balanced with the Shield Bash changes. But these nerfs to her just feel like a “screw you”, and makes her a near invaluable pick, because any good flanker now has a stronger upperhand at winning against her. So expect to see all Supports suffering from this as well
  • Reaper will be an oppressive and godly foe, especially in lower ranks where lack of team coordination and sloppier aim means Reaper will stomp on all of the competition. And every competition, not just tanks. This will make everyone hate Reaper, and does not even remotely address the weaknesses he has that are the core problem with him. Again: LIFE STEAL IS NOT HIS PROBLEM RIGHT NOW

TL;DR: These PTR patch notes cannot go live, they do more harm than good. Reaper will be too strong, not in a skill-based way, but in a cheesey way that just makes people remember OP Ironclad Bastion. Brigitte’s effectiveness will be so weakened that many players will find her irrelevant compared to other options, and most likely will permit flank heroes to run rampant again. Tanks are hurt hard in many ways, and expect to see the tanking playerbase to diminish.

Please…we have to reevaluate other options that promote necessary buffs/nerfs to individual heroes that does not hurt a chunk of the playerbase, but still offers fair, balanced counters in a meaningful way.


GOATS has been a big problem since Brig’s release. The players have had enough of it and the OWL viewers have had enough too. It’s an absolute bore to play or to watch on OWL. Not to mention it’s the most unskilled meta ever, that requires 0 coordination.

We’ve had enough, it’s good it’s finally gone.

Thank you, next.


A better way to kill Goats would just be to remove Brigitte temporarily while finding a way to rework her.


I was willing to work with you and give you my honest opinion, and a breakdown of why this is the wrong way to go about GOATs until this.

My brain just stopped functioning when I read that.


And Dive for over a year wasn’t just as boring? I don’t know about you, but I was getting sick of watching the same mirror match every game during OWL.

There’s better ways to fix the problems than what was given to us. Every composition requires teamwork.


The problem is GOATS, and Reapers buff will help. The other problem Blizzard need tp address now is that very few want to play tank, even today. People pick it cause you need 1-2 buy personally I rather play dps or support, tanking is simply boring unless you have ult.


You’re someone who barely plays competitive, judging by your profile.
No wonder you know nothing about GOATs.

Yes, it was. Also, it isn’t the most powerful teamcomp anymore. So now’s time for goats to die.


Then why not give Reaper armor-piercing rounds?


You aren’t going to know anything about GOATs from ladder. You probably still think it runs Ana as a mainstay.



I would end here my post but i need 20 characters to post so i say i strongly aggree! xD


EDIT: I’m sorry for the conscutive posts!

YEP! But they would HAD to say “guys we fkd up the design, we are sorry, we remove her untill we get a haltyer design” and even if from me saying that will increase the respect meter to them cuz admitting mistakes is mature (making mistake is human) they wil never do that!
2. THEY DONT RELEASE ENOUGH HEROES, so if they put a new hero, they watch how it goes 3/4 weeks, is not ok, they remove and wait for a rework(it needs time) we got NO new heros for half a DAMN year. So in the end, the main issue of EVERY patch notes is: They have to release things FASTER!
Same for D.VA, she’s one of the fun and cool and alwasy playble tanks, people is not tiggered because the nerf is too strong(ok maybe it is) but because if people stop playing D.Va they just stop filling in the tank role (especially quick play), and i’ll be the first one, or i take time to learn Hammond (fun but harder than D.Va) or i just play some Hog (not a tank, a fat DPS) sometimes. I play for fun and tanks beside a few(D.Va, Hammond, Hog) are not funny for me(and for the majority actually).
---->Releasing more heroes means more characters means more “similar” characters means you nerf D.Va i have another character with a similar design to play and i’m not pissed off!


They don’t even have to say they messed up! Just say she’s being removed because of unforeseen interactions with other heroes that can’t be balanced out. It’s absolutely true, and it’s reasonable, the developers can’t forsee every interaction possible. It’s obvious they did not intend Goats.


Ok, your idea is ok and removes the admitting mistakes problem( i still think is ok to admit mistakes, you try things, sometimes don’t workout, nothing wrong with that, but maybe as you proposed is more “professional”) but still does not change the fact that if they remove a hero after 2 weeks of “trial” we have NO NEW CONTENT for half a Year.


No content is better than bad content.


IS true but on some degrees is not, they HAVE to put content! I’m NOT saying you’r wrong, AT ALL, i think you’r right, only they schedule is slow as fk so they can’t do as you say, but THEYR fault.
Also, WHY waiting so much to release a character when you don’t know untill is live if is gonna break the game or not(GOATS), if is bugged(Doomfist) or not, if is well balanced or not?! Bridg is the living proof you cannot know untill is live for at least 2/3 weeks, so just release faster.


Love the rage from people who think tanks should be able to beat DPS 1-on-1 or think supports like Brigitte should be played solo a la Rambo.

N-O = NO.

You do not get to pick a tank or support and beat damage dealers alone on the edge of the map away from your team, EVER.

That should literally never have been allowed to happen since launch, and these changes recently are all finally rebalancing things so that damage dealers are ACTUALLY THREATENING.

As either McCree or Reaper, I should be able to reliably murder a tank or a support 1-on-1. As a tank or a support, if you’re alone, you SHOULD be terrified of me as a damage dealer. You should RUN IN FEAR if I engage you 1-on-1, not stand there spamming Matrix or self-healing and actually beating me despite my flawless accuracy (meaning your hero choice won the engagement, not your skill).

The tears are truly delicious, and I will enjoy mercilessly beating the snot out of all players who used to pick tanks and require absolutely no support from their team to defeat damage dealers.

These changes are looong overdue, and I welcome them wholeheartedly.


I agree with op. These changes will hurt the game more than help them. Dps and heals are too strong atm, tanks are the worst off currently. They don’t need to nerf brig more man she’s already bad in 2-2-2 comps. She will now have the worst support ult by a large amount. Just gold’s and silvers don’t know how to kill her so they keep complaining about her for more nerfs. I bet they will CRY for reaper nerfs if this goes through. And I really hope it doesn’t. But blizzard never listens to our feedback on here and push it through anyways. Like ironclad bastion lol.


Um literally the point of brig is to be able to defend herself. Every dps has a different role, there are only a handful of dps that can 1v1 any of the tanks and live. That number is even less if it’s a Hog or Doomfist is really the only dps that’s actually strong into tanks. Rein vs doomfist is literally impossible for rein in a 1v1 lol. Reaper is killable as Rein if you play it right. No one fears dps characters that aren’t Mcspamallmyshots, garbagefist, and the most interactable hero in the game widow. Other than them no one above diamond cares about a dps in their face or across the map.


I think these changes are fair. I don’t think it entirely kills the concept of GOATs but rather makes it more of a situational pick -which is what it was in the first place, and what most (ideally all) comps should be. So you can swap in reaction. GOATs was ideal for very forceful, quick point a captures on some maps. It will still be good at that situationally.

Reaper needed this buff. He has not been remotely viable since S2. If you play on the PTR, Reaper is very easy to work around. He is one of the most obvious heros in the game; keep him at mid-longer range and you’re golden. This enables more swap picks, which is the concept of the game.

Brig needed this nerf. Flat out. Even aside from GOATs she was still too overtuned, and this brings her in line with the rest of the supports.

As for armor reduction; I’m glad for it. It speeds the game up a bit and makes things feel more fast paced. It invites more skillful play again. Tanks will just have to adjust accordingly, but I think it is a good thing. I played on the PTR for hours yesterday and Overwatch feels so balanced compared to where it has been.

I can not wait for these changes to go live, and I am thrilled that we will get to see OWL played with skillful comps again. Last season was ruined by the nightmare snoozer that was Mercy-Meta, and then the tail-end GOATs, and then Contenders has been all GOATs. Finally something interesting to watch and attempt to emulate.


So what you’re saying is that the tank and brig nerfs on the PTR are justified