These forums are useless

I understand without the forums, this post wouldn’t be here, but what on Earth is the point of the forums?

You have a PTR for feedback and are supposed to listen to the feedback from these forums, etc but you don’t.

You hardly listen to a word we say in the first place, like a toddler who has his mind set on a very expensive toy except your parents don’t have the money for it. You keep begging and begging, and eventually get your way. Or in fact you don’t beg at all, you just push everything straight to live anyway.

How about you actually listen to your playerbase for once?


I mean, the forums have some pretty sweet emoji’s and Moira popcorn on occasion. That’s pretty entertaining at least, give it some credit.

As for constructive posts that feel meaningful and contributed by the community… it’s rare but it can happen. On a full moon. When you chant a special incantation. While wearing axe body spray.

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I can appreciate that.

That’s the thing though, there still is a lot of good feedback that usually ends up going into a megathread but is still never even considered by them.

Because Reddit is not enough of a communication platform accordingly.

I’m not on the subreddit a lot, but they are still on here now and then, not a lot. They have the team to check both.

They’ve stated on multiple occasions that the PTR is primarily for Bug testing and changes will only get reverted if they are inheritly broken or blatantly overpowered to the point of being game breaking.

Just because someone made a thread with X balance change in mind, does not mean that the devs will immediatly implement it into the next PTR patch.

Plenty of people in the mercy mega thread wanted res to be gained off a resource meter despite the devs saying they did not want to do that.

i like the forums.

I can jump on, check the ______is OP threads, see what players are discussing and chat with other Sombra players

No, but Hanzo has dominated for how long? Dispite the clear bombshell of feedback they are just NOW getting to nerfing him.

I guess so.

Some of it might be coincidence, but “we” wanted

  • a stealth hero, we got Sombra
  • another maintank, we got Orisa
  • more supports, we got Moira and Brig
  • something to end Dive, we got Brig
  • a new melee hero, we got doomfist
  • Roads oneshot removed, we got Road 2.0/3.0
  • Mercy reworked/no more mass rezz, we got this mercy mess

Im not saying Blizz is perfect, neither do I want to say that everything they do is only to please us, but Im sure they do … “listen”

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I shouldn’t have phrased it that way, they do listen from time to time. It’s just the fact they don’t seem to listen recently which is frustrating.

The forums are for cathartic venting mostly. Scream into the void.

Basically what I’m doing right now. Touche.

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Is Hanzo strong?

Yes, very.

Was it apparent that his changes on PTR would effect the viability of all DPS players omce he hit live?


The devs really only get a sense of balance when a changehits live, like we have no idea just how impactful the support balance patch will actually be. It could change the meta or doiterally nothing.

They-re nerfing Hanzo gradually as they don’t want him to be invable again the sam way they put Hog in the bin for 2 months.

I think the issue is every time they have listened to the forums it has turned out to be a bad idea in the end.

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Yea, it is frustrating but you also have to remember that a lot of the feedback is people raging
A lot of changes are being criticized altough there is absolutely no reason to it… or people are just like “I dont like it, its not bad but I dont like it so revert ty”

Id love to see Jeff or Goeff popping off with a “Hey guys, this is what were doing right now and thats where were heading” but if they do that people will just start to rage again
Im 100% sure they do read some topics here and discuss about some suggestions, maybe even test some of them. But if they tell us that theyve tried out xXKiritioXx’s suggestions but they didnt like it because reasons im 200% sure people will be like “and what about my suggestions, you stupid devs f u”. Itll cause more problems than it might solve

I know some people will think of me as another fanboy/girl that always likes what Blizz is doing - which is not true - but I think its important to simply trust those devs from time to time and this game is in a really … bad? state right now
The meta changed dramatically, in fact a lot of people hate this meta. Its stiff and based on teamwhipes and oneshots. Hanzo and Sym got reworked, Torb will be reworked very soon
This game changed dramatically in the past months, jus give them some time. Theyve always took ages for changes but I believe they really try to shift up the meta a bit.
…at least thats what Im seeing when I look at the recent Lucio changes. They said Lucio was perfectly fine yet they are buffing him. (Again something the community asked for)

The forum is nothing but Nerf this, Stupid hero that, Revert mercy, Incompetent devs, blah blah blah…
So who in their right minds would read this when r/ow is better.

As Tom Power had stated in the most evil way possible:

And they have complied to many of our dumb requests.

  • We begged for Trace, Genji, Brigitte, Mercy, Widowmaker and Hanzo to get nerfed, and they did nerfed them.
  • We begged for a role selection, they give us LFG.
  • We begged for something to end dive, we got Brigitte.
  • We whined and begged for Scatter to get removed, they did and replaced it with Storm Arrow.
  • We begged them to remove Bully, so they turned her into a tank, then we hate that as well, and begged for that to be removed, so they turn her back into a bully, and guess what happen? WE HATE THAT AS WELL.
  • Same thing can be say about Hog.

They do listen, and they do care. Sometimes our requests are just too dumb to be taken seriously. Heck, some of the “balance” requests up here are those that put their respective main to the top of the tier chart while turning their victims and counters into the dirt. Thank the gods they didn’t comply to that.

I like talking to other users on the forums :smile:

That’s essentially why I’m here, community conversation is interesting.

The forums really really don’t feel like we’re actually be listened to or even having our feedback read because there isn’t any clear indication that we are, we haven’t had a Dev post concerning the states of some characters since July 18, it’s August 1st, that type of silence is disheartening. I completely understand not every post is gonna get a response, but throw us a bone.

The forums are fun when people aren’t reporting everything. It’s hard to even make a joke that doesn’t result in a 30 day suspension these days.

They do listen. But what you want does not mean it’s good for the game.