These forums are for talking with fellow players

I think the last time a dev was in here mercy had a 6 man rez.


How do you do fellow players

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I am well,l and you?

Well according to the mass opinion these forums are for complaining about various subjects

The 6 man rez,hmmm…very, very difficult to accomplish, what with Mercy having to be dead too during said rez


According to the DEV tracker Jeff posted 4 days ago and Geoff posted a few days before that discussing the armor changes.

Yeah they don’t post often (because why would you wade into a cesspit if you can avoid it) but to say they haven’t posted since mass rez is just down right wrong.

I’m just saying that the forums are not for influencing the devs… they get their info from more than just our angry posts.

Mind == blown

Oh yeah that is true. Won’t stop people from trying though

4 days ago:

Ah the fluff post. Those are nice.

Because the forums is a poor place to look for constructive, reasonable feedback. At one time I remember seeing decent post with well thought out points in reference to the game, but that’s been a long time now instead we have angry emotional children bashing angrily at their keyboards saying how everything’s terrible and this game is dead and they haven’t played in months, why they’re creeping a forum for a game they haven’t played in months is beyond me.