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It makes me really mad that the forum moderators specifically target people when it comes to the code of conduct. I just made a post asking if anyone knew the settings of a certain crosshair and I provided the link to the video in which the crosshair was. And within 30 seconds the whole thread went down because I posted a link!

Seriously!? There are countless other posts out there with links and they don’t get taken down! Watch this thread get taken down, too! Is it civilly fair for the mods to target people?


You have to be trust level 3 to be allowed to post a video link. It’s put in place to stop people from linking adult content on the forums.

If everyone could post freely, we’d have a much more sinister forums and that isn’t what the mods want.


Two things, are you certain that it was because of the video link and the other is that talking about your closed post is against the forum CoC.

Edit: I looked at the post and it’s not locked and a Mod actually gave you an answer to your question.


People were doing that already in the old forums. What is different here? Putting links in the posts i mean.


The old forums was a much more negative place with the links and the downvotes, not to mention the “bump” threads.

The new forums are much better regulated imo. However, I do agree that the mods can be a bit harsh at times.


The link was to a video titled: “5 Bad Overwatch Habits You NEED to Stop!” A very inappropriate video as you can see. It gives you tips on how to get better at the game.


I saw no unapropiate links in the old forum.

The mod actually responded to him with actual options for crosshairs. It did not removed the link.


My guess is that the mods don’t have time to be watching 10 minute videos to make sure the content is safe for the forums, so they remove posts containing links without looking at the content.

I don’t know though because I’m obviously not a mod.


Oh hey, the put the thread back up! I guess they clicked the link and saw there was nothing bad about it. Still I feel it is unfair at times because it really seems they target some people. Especially on the old forums.


Thats what i saw haha


Then why make a post complaining if the mod helped?


Because when I made this post the page had been taken down and I got ‘Error 404 - page not found’ messages. Which is fancy for: “Hey your post violates the CoC and we took it down.”


Here is a link to the topic that was temp taken down.

h ttps://

Just remove the space at the start to go to it, sad I can’t even link to another post on these forums like I used to be able to do.


If your post is removed, you will be told that it’s been closed and the mod usually says why. I’ve had it happen and I’ve seen it happen.

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Closing this topic as the thread in-question is actually opened.

Thank you.