These are absolutley beautiful


Please Blizzard, please, let all of these changes go through. It would make so many people happy. :pray:


I like the Hanzo changes. Genji’s deflect hitbox has always been a bit weird, I hope they don’t make it too small though.

Am not sure about the Junkrat and Lucio changes.

Tracer’s changes seem unnecessary but I’ll take any indirect tank buff.


Pun or misspelling ? :thinking:


And here I was thinking I fixed it quickly enough.


As someone who plays Tracer , I am ok with the nerf. I can still kill who I need to kill (other then Bastion , but that’s another story) and I will actually have to try to kill tanks, so I’m ok with it. Genji is fine. Gengo mains will cry , but no one cares about weeb tears. Lucio , I feel like just send the boop not counting as bullets for his weapon and I think Lucio players will be happy. And Junkrat I’m not sure either. His ulti was already killable and it just became easier to do it , so I’m not too sure


I’ve never really been bothered too much with Genji’s hitbox, but there have been a few times where I’ve been pretty frustrated by it. I’m looking forward to being able to shoot people behind him that are well clear of his deflect. I’ve always hated giving Genji’s the pleasure of deflecting something I’ve specifically intended and carefully aimed to avoid him.


Until you see the Tracer/Genji mains crawling out of the woodworks and spamming the forums like how the Mercy/D.Va mains did in the past.

Tbh it’s already happening