These all means one thing: Buffing Tracer In Stealth Mode


Nerfing Matrix Cooldown from 1 to 2 sec, means tracer can now easily shread backlane and healers.
nerfing armor means tracer will deals a lot of damages.

i still dont get the reason of nerfing D.Va while Rein/Zarya are flying on the most pickrate/winrate charts of GM+

(you read all of them from GM+ ofc)


They nerfed Pulse Bomb to make Tracer less good against Tanks, and now they nerfed Armour to make Tracer better against Tanks.

Seems legit.


You can describe any nerf as “buffing Tracer”.

Mercy healing reduced? A buff to Tracer so Mercy can’t outheal bad Tracer’s damage! Zen right click spread increased? It’s a buff to Tracer so Zen cannot hit her precisely from long range! Doomfist travels less on Seismic Slam? Obviously to make Tracer harder to catch!


Hard pill to swallow: genji and tracer isn’t overtuned or overpowered at all.


Tracer didnt get much buff tho, her damage against armour is the same if you hit body shot, only crit give you a bit higher damage than before.


Of which, headshots are easy to land on most tanks.

Separate issue, but I think flankers should be more afraid of basic DPS than they actually are. Stuff like a Coach Gun to the face should be a little more common as a deterrent.


But tracer has a large spread, so you wont land much crits even on tanks, the armour nerf to tracer is hard to notice. Soldier will get a decent damage buff tho.


I know, everyone hates chro, but he does have very good point here

at 09:35


Not a fan of this type of answers and posts, but cmon…if you play Tracer and you don’t hit headshots on D.Va at least with 50% of your bullets…i have really bad news for you xD


50% hs on dva? you gotta be kidding me, do you even play tracer or any hitscan? Dva and most other tanks can only got hs from front, and it is pretty stupid for tracer to always attack tanks in front of their face. Just check top tracer players stats, most of them has crit hit accurcy around 10-15%.


Genji and Tracer both are the most overpowered DPSs in the Overwatch history, its hard to accept the truth i know


Tracer is still mid tier at best for 90% of the population. edit checked your rank.

If your getting outplayed your getting out played. Tracer has allways had middle ground stats acrossed the board. Her skill celing is extreamely high. If your getting out played by a godly tracer it does not mean shes broken.

D.VA needed no nerf.


One thing is clear.
Devs will go to any length to make sure goats is never played again in OWL.
That is their goal and they will do everything to achieve that, no matter the consequences for the rest of the game.

Tracer, Sombra and Reaper are now gonna shred through tanks like Rein,Orisa and Dva due to the massive head hitbox.


Reminder that we are nerfing who statistically is not overperforming outside of pro level, which is sub 1% of the playerbase. Any reason we should treat Tracer differently?


armor nerf essentially does not impact tracer damage to armor. simple.


It does, for headshots. And it’s really easy to hit tank’s massive head hitboxes.


besides orisa or dva (who has matrix), i doubt that anyone below masters will be hitting enough heashots for it to matter anyway. The most headshots that’s even realistic at higher ranks is like 20%, making a maybe 20 dmg increase per clip on tanks only


Orisa withouth fortify will be toast ( one clip to the head ). And D.Va now won’t be able to fight Tracer with that new 2 second delay.


They really need to add a hero with an air burst weapon to deal with Tracer. Someone that deals low amount of damage in the form of shots that explode when they’re within X range of an enemy hero but not Y range from the hero who’s shooting the weapon.


lol, you could say that before brig released, but if you still think genji and tracer is OP now, you probably dont belong in the rank you are in right now lol. They are easy to counter even without brig. Genji is only strong with nano blade, and tracer is pretty much an off meta hero.