Theres no logical reason to why Pink Mercy cant return

The skin was literally never considered ugly on release. I can’t find anything about it being ugly for more than 2 instances.

Cosmetics are a status symbol, not a fun way to customize your heroes.

BCRF has said that they are open to bringing back the skin if Blizzard asks them about it.


actually, BCRF has stated multiple times, in writing, and recently that they’d like the offer to return


actually, many players care about this topic, myself included

Well, here’s my logical conspiracy theory on it.

Maybe Pink Mercy isn't coming back

I have the skin and would like it to come back for this specific cause, just as I think it would be awesome for them to do something like Pink Mercy for other causes.

You are prob on the same bandwagon as everyone else.

yes, there is a very specific reason. and paradoxically it is the obsession of certain people:

let’s start with you: don’t be a hypocrite.

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This one does make sense, but on the other hand, the skin itself doesn’t have any trademarks on it.

Every corporate affiliation and crossover Blizzard has done during OW1’s lifespan was gutted and disavowed, with BCRF putting out the same cookie cutter response they been parroting for years when asked by plebs like us.

It won’t happen because of missteps and/or because one of the two corporations isn’t being up front about their intent to do so.

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So tired of this post in the forums.

This is a strategy to increase perceived value of skins.

If they are limited edition and can only be accessed during some specific event or at some certain time, they increase perceived value of all skins.

There’s zero chance the women’s charity would bring it back after the things blizzard’s been doing


After the controversy of the Blizzard workplace, I doubt the BCRF wants anything to do with Blizzard.

no forum member has the knowledge and/or authority to legitimately make such a statement

as such, statements like this simply tend to rob the individual making such a statement of their credibility

except…the BCRF has stated that they’d like to see the offer return

in writing, multiple times, and recently

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You have sources for that?

copies of said statements have been posted multiple times in multiple Pink Mercy threads

Then cite them

They’ve already been cited.

Many times, in many Pink Mercy threads.