There's No Justification for The Pulse Bomb Nerf with Brigitte in The Game

bring back 400 dmg pulse :slight_smile:


Tracer was never a “must pick”. Not for the game we all played especially.


(The sound of Bastion mains crying from the corner)


Initially I thought it might be ok but tracer really needs that damage back, or to make the amount of charge needed lower.

Coming from a Bronze symettra/brigitte main.


The nerfed her bomb because Tracer is not a tank buster. That is not her role.


…You’re joking, right?

Dive meta for a year.

D.Va, Winston, Tracer, Zen. In every comp. Every game. Every mode.

She absolutely was. Was she alone? No. But she was absolutely a must-pick to make that team composition work.


Definitely not supposed to be a Consistent Tank buster, either.

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Lol. Tracer was a better tank buster than Reaper. I’m so happy that I can go thirty seconds as Reinhardt or Orisa without getting blown up by a teleporting string bean. That nerf was necessary for anchor tanks.


I’m pretty sure i still have Tracer PTSD. O-o

I can’t get up in time… I can’t heal through it… I just get taken out of the fight by the fastest hero with the smallest health pool, because they can move and i can’t.


Blizzard doesn’t know how to balance period. Just look at Symmetra and Mercy.


Sym… Bastion… Mercy… Probably Torbjorn.

Literally, how many threads are there going to be saying:
“Guess we gotta pick Torb now, because [Insert OP Ability]”

Oh yea…


Blizzard not knowing how to balance?

(Yeah I should have known better cause with how they balanced WOW when I played it…)


lol if they can’t balance characters with 4-5 abilities in Overwatch I can only cringe at how terrible the balance must be in WoW.


Yeah that and they are not good at hiding their basis between factions and classes.

I’ve personally have stopped playing WoW but my bro plays it still and I tend to get an earful whenever new changes go in.

It’s like I never left when picking up this game.


It was to nerf her tank busting ability which is used in higher levels to get D.vas out of mechs and to kill Reins easier. Although nerf pulse bomb damage also means a nerf to damage fall off radius. For those who tends to stick on squishies are still fine with the nerfs. Funny enough I have gotten better at sticking squishies so it was a buff to me.

That same cc is great for comboing with pulse bomb though

^ Honestly, this is probably what happened. XP

BUT! I can understand why they wanted to nerf the burst so she couldn’t bust tanks. That’s fair. However, I just want my AoE damage back because it really sucks sticking a bomb into a 5 player Grav and getting one or even zero kills. :confused:

Did that twice yesterday with my Zarya friend. I don’t even understand HOW that happens sometimes. I get that Roadhog/Winston/etc. can survive, but there’ll be like unprotected Anas or McCrees in there and just … nothing. It’s always so disheartening.

So TL;DR: I’m ok with the outright single target burst nerf, but please give back some AoE damage / increase the radius to compensate. It’s only logical since the AoE damage part was not the reason given that it was nerfed.



Blame the people who wants everybody nerfed at every second given… They are listening to them.

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Eh seemed to work for Kaplan during his EQ days so why not follow suit and do that same for OW.

(I’m serious look up Jeff Kaplan Everquest and you will find some of the SALTIEST forum posts ever)