There will still be a meta with hero pools

well messy could be fun, like the beta and start of ow. we just have to wait and see. i do like the ideas in the dev update. but i am also gladd that they will remove it in 22 season if it does not work at all.

OWL will be running it.

The heroes will be randomly selected from a group of eligible heroes based on play-rate data from the previous two weeks of Overwatch League matches—only heroes that are being played regularly can be pulled from the next hero pool.

And Jeff confirmed something very similar.

I wonder what will happen when they say ‘Oh, Mercy has been played a lot this week, let’s remove her’ then she’s back the next week and used highly again so the following week she’s removed AGAIN. They said no hero will be banned for 14 days straight, but who’s to say they can’t be banned every 2 weeks?

Well if they are to make hero pools following the what the pro’s use. That is exactly what will happen. This week will be this meta. The next week will be this meta back and forth for all of season 21. So OWL will have 2 meta’s instead of 1.

And then they’ll try to nerf both metas, so up to 4 tanks gutted each patch!

Efficiency! Fun! /s

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