"There Will Be More Skins This Year Than Ever"

Only thing they forgot to say is that these skins are basic recolors of already existing old skins. Can it get more sad than this??


Where are you getting this information

It seems like we get OW2 PvP before Halloween this year so chill. Or that is what I think when they say that we will get not a archives, summer games and anniversary event this year.

I agree with your thought, but they’re not just simple recolors and have actually edited meshes as well… so that’s a plus. But I really hope we get more unique skins this year

AndyB has already address this in a topic that came before yours: So...more legendary skins this year than any other year...? - #12 by AndyB-11735

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I would rather get one new hero an zero skins if I had to choose

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Only a 7 month wait poggers

I really don’t know why I expected anything more

They have one intern working on skins and they’ve already put in their two weeks’.

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you forgot to mention he was having trouble working with paint, so he was stuck with using the white color and the paint bucket, unlucky

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Andy says a lot of things…and a lot of the time its misleading. Why should we believe him lmao.

  1. If you’ve seen the re-colors they look fantastic.
  2. The forums always finds a way to complain about things… :rofl:

Why do people keep saying this? Blizz have been clear as day we aren’t getting main content until OW2… :rofl:

Care to give me an example because I haven’t really seen him say anything that is considered “misleading”?