There should be an option to turn off Ashe's muzzle flash

If this was added to increase “difficulty,” it doesn’t. It just causes eye strain. There should be a way to turn it off.


I don’t think it was to add ‘difficulty’. It’s just a bad decision by the art team.

They have clearly never heard of eye-strain, epilepsy, migraines, or sensory processing disorders.


I had to boot up the training range to see what you were talking about.

Ashe is my most played hero and I’ve never noticed a muzzle flash.

I can barely see it even when I look for it now.

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In the balance meeting, (ie; the dartboard of who to screw up this time) it landed on her.

yea same didnt know she had muzzle flash. gonna log on and go to the training room

edit: i see it now but it lasts for milliseconds

if this is causing eye strain
Stop sitting in the dark and your face glued to your monitor

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passive aggressive much, buddy? I put in max 4 hours in this game per week. Not a basement dweller like you. I have a life.

i dont know much about guns like that and i guess her gun is modeled after a side loading repeating winchester rifle or henry rifle. i wonder if those have muzzle flash. also wouldnt a silencer get rid of muzzle flash. dont have a clue as well

wonder if they are trying the realism approach with ashe’s gun

edit: this repeating rifle doesnt have muzzle flash i think

then you should in NO WAY be experiencing eye strain from a tiny 'flash" of light

most guns do have muzzle pflash, its just…usually they last for a tiny amount of time

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What are you, an MD? Sounds more like a rando pulling stuff out of his rear end to me. How would you know how ocular sensitivity works depending on the individual? Did you even take an anatomy class before?

ashe’s viper gun is one of the most beautiful guns in this game. its real pretty

If that millisecond flash strains your eyes
The sun would merk you

They really need a global option to disable all screen flashes. For the people who do not understand why screen flashes, screen shakes, or even why video games have learned to put weapons on the screen in fps games google is your friend. Hint: it is not because they look cool.