There’s something wrong with the audio

There’s been many times lately where I die because I simply didn’t hear the audio cues. Just recently I’ve been killed over and over by Reaper because I couldn’t hear him shadowstep right behind me, I also couldn’t hear Doomfist charge up his RP which ended up in me dying from something I could’ve avoided if I heard the audio cues.

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Are you on Windows 10?

I play on console sadly

You may want to try asking in the Technical Support section. I’m not aware of any currently solved console sound issues.

Ok tanks, I forgot to change the topic to technical support.

I was punched by a dead silent doomfist the other day, sound triggers in the replay but barely any audio could be heard from him for most of the match. Footsteps are also sounding more and more broken all the time, to the point where they barely function at all. Tanks like hog are the worst for this, but even some dps that used to have distinct steps like McCree are not playing from the enemy, while allies even sound louder at times.

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