There is No End to this Incessant Whining!

I’m sorry, but most games don’t charge $40 and then make you pay for DLCs as well. Apart from EA. So of course everyone expects it comes with the $40.

And um… most companies. Bethesda charged me and I paid 60 for Skyrim. Back when I played CoD they charged. Same goes for really any non-mmo I can think of tbh.

CoD doesn’t cost $40 last time I checked…

Then again last cod I played was BO2

What’s your point? That Blizzard charged you even less but it should come with more for free as well? I’m not following you. If anything the fact it is 40 v 60 is not in your favor…

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I always wait long after the initial release of games because a common tactic for gaming companies was to charge full price for a game and then lock content behind DLC paywalls… often times on the same day. “Bonus quests or missions and a few exclusive cosmetics for only an additional $20!” is totally a thing.

I bought Borderlands 2 and Skyrim in the last year or two and they are pretty old games. Got them for really cheap but I got the special editions that came with all the DLC that was initially sold separate from the base game for an additional cost.

food for thought.

That’s like going to what is supposed to be a family reunion for Thanksgiving and then having only a handful of people showing up. Then the “feast” consists of mashed potatoes and Mac and Cheese.

Pretty underwhelming, right? But you don’t have the right to complain about it; it was all free.

You are blurring a lot of positions into one here.

Let me just throw this at you:

Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


My point is, people payed enough just for the game. They didn’t expect to have to buy DLCs.

Reported for trolling.

That is a thing. You paid by waiting which many don’t want to do. I don’t begrudge companies ckr profitting off xonsumer impatience. But I give Bethesda a pass because their DLCs add so god dang much. If they didn’t I wouldn’t buy em.

But he’s not trolling?

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Sombra and Bastion, for starters.

I wouldn’t complain as I love mac&cheese. Jokes aside that would at least involve effort on your part which the summer event does not.

As for that: not only have I read it but it’s already been linked today on this very post (and kinda full of yourself to go linking your own post on others’ posts). And, yes, of course a condensed “paragraph” (used loosely) on a topic is far less nuanced than a giant paper on it. I just am wondering what people want because they whine about how she was and any changes made to her whether big or small.

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Dude, that would be like the greatest family reunion ever. Mashed Potatoes and Mac and Cheese are both delicious. Shame on you.


Interesting choices as neither was never once mentioned in this post. While we’re at it I would say I’m ignorant on the Russian penal code and the popularity of Fortnite but maybe we could stay on topic. Not every post is about Sombra/Bastion weirdly enough.

I typically don’t mind paying a little extra for DLC, I am used to paying for expansions for MMO’s and the like. That being said, not all DLCs give as much content as say, Bethesda did for Skyrim. And a lot of games have DLC that can be purchased the same day as initial release, which is not okay. People pay full price for a complete game, not for an incomplete game that they can buy the complete version for more. Also, OW is different than all of those examples in that these events are time locked and revolve around buying lootboxes. It isn’t standard DLC or standard additional content.

Another thing to consider when it comes to peoples disappointment for this event is the lack of additional content or improvement of the content available. Archives gave us another mission to play and that was received well, and the Winter event also featured another game mode. That kind of sets a standard moving forward, especially if you want to retain/please your fan base who has been around from the start, or for a while anyway.

What are you doing now?..

I’ll wait

It’s a forum to post feedback. If you don’t like it go somewhere else.

Drawing Erina Nakiri from Foodwars while replying to comments. Yourself?

Oh… you think this is whining even though it rebuts points rather than whines for no reason. Aren’t you clever?

Woah jeez, no need to be so toxic. I thought this thread was for no whining.

Oh nothing really just browsing the forums

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