There is an sr problem

I am just tired of the sr system. The performance based sr is really unfair. That isn’t what I really want to focus on though. I think it is unfair if you disconnect before the game starts with no chance of rejoining in time and get a suspension, you shouldn’t lose (or at least not as much) sr. Most of the time when this happens, it’s a disconnect, so if you get a very minor sr loss (around the amount for 1 loss- 50 is ridiculous to me) and then a minor suspension (never above an hour- this happened to me once and I got an 8 hr ban since I had disconnected previously as well) it seems more fair, but not unfair enough that people could just leave to be funny etc. On another note, I disconnected in one game, came back and won, but still had a suspension and sr loss. I just think things like this really need to be tweaked. It seems really unfair and I get “a leaver is a leaver” but it’s not really true, at least for the start of the game disconnects.

Back to the performance based sr system. I main off tank so I usually don’t have a major issue with this (and I can flex as well) but take a Sombra main for example. Sombra won’t have much healing, damage, most would probably be elims and assists. You could be an outstanding Sombra but wouldn’t really excell (supposedly) more that any of the roles that are built for those, but your hacks and call outs could win the game. Idk if I’m misunderstanding how the sr system really works, but I feel like certain characters are less equipped to compete with this system.

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The system exists to deter queue dodging, which is also a real problem. And since there’s no way to tell if someone ALT-F4 or just lagged out, it makes more sense to punish everyone. Maybe don’t play comp as much until you fix your connection?

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That’s fair enough, but when my internet is working fine for multiple games and then crashes randomly at the start of one game, it feels unfair.

New system is less aggressive though.
Before gaining 4sr per win was normal at least for 25% of player base lol

Ok just an addition, my computer is fine, my internet is fine but now the game crashed on me. I can’t remember what the error code was but I had never seen it before. Previous games were all fine. But right as I join a game on Gibraltar, boom down bye 70 ish sr and a 20 hr ban. This was ENTIRELY the games fault as I had no issues before so how tf is that fair to me. Still at least reduce the suspensions for leaving that early because that is just bs.

It’s 50sr
20 hours means it’s common, I’d suggest you stop playing competitive until you’ve fixed it


Ah ok. I’m just annoyed because the other issues were random dcs that likely were from my dodgy internet, but this was entirely the game which is what’s annoying

He is right of removing initial 30s Game stop. We had it today, as team! And we were all baned and just sr. That’s bs and it is detectable if someone presses alt f4, they just don’t want to detect it.

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It’s not detectable if you just pulled the plug on your WiFi or computer though, which is what people would do to abuse the system.

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I understand that but I feel like people are so tempted to queue dodge because of current issues. Certain maps are painful to play on and they usually just switch accounts. Not saying get rid of suspensions but at least lesser then for early game leaving to maybe an hour maximum.

You feel people will leave… So lessen the punishment? That’s kinda backwards.

Performance-based SR is really fair, but you’re either just really bad or disconnect too frequently to climb any meaningful amount of SR.

All performance-based SR does is cross-reference your average stats/time for each hero and compare it to stats of people at various ranks. If your stats/10min align up with the average for higher than your rank, or you go the whole game deathless, you gain bonus SR on top of the 24-25 you get for a win. If your stats/10min are far below the average for your rank, you will not get a bonus for winning, and will lose more for Defeat.

As an example, there was a thread here the other day where this dude was playing Reinhardt in bronze games and getting major SR whenever he’d use shield to block lots of damage in games. This is because the average blocking per 10 minutes for Reinhardt players in Bronze is extremely low because Reinhardt players in bronze do not actively block meaningful damage.

If your Sombra is doing great in the game, her stats will be compared against other Sombra players for performance-based SR adjustments. You are not blindly compared to your teammates in the Healing department to determine + or - bonus SR.

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Like I said it wasn’t really my main focus mostly because I don’t have as much of a major issue with it but my friend who is a Sombra main on the other hand really struggles with it… so idk I can’t really argue about it :confused:

PSR just feels lame but it has little to zero impact on where a player lands in SR, being in the end SR is all about wins. Show me a 58% win rate player over the course of 200+ game who can’t rank up due to PSR and then maybe it’s an issue.
Those sort of players don’t tend to be out there unless they warp their stat. Like just count their main win rate and over look the 40% win rate everywhere else.

Players going 110w/108L-9t in comp?
Complaining about PSR at that point is like whines about the maintenance cost of car you can’t afford to buy in the first place. Like the reason I don’t own a Ferrari has nothing to do with the high cost of maintenance.
No one is going to rank up with +2 game margin over a season.

Technically when you factor in ties, players with those sort of records are not even winning 50%+ of all the games they play. Sooooooooooooo is PSR an issue? No, it just feels bad.

as for the disconnect issues and punishment for it. The people who would abuse a more disconnect friendly system ruin it for people who honestly don’t want to disconnect to avoid a lose/game, but it happens anyways.

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That’s fair enough and well said. I do get that it would be abused for the dc stuff but I just find it very frustrating.

Rejoining a game without penalty is only possible during certain phases of the game and within a timely manner. If you leave a game either during the pre-game or during the first minute of the game, the game will automatically cancel (remember the 10 second rule does not apply to the leaver, but as a warning to other players that the match will cancel). You can rejoin the match during the initial hero selection screen if you are lucky enough to quickly reconnect though. The reason for this practice is to discourage players from playing with a bad connection and to prevent the dishonorable practice known as queue dodging.

Otherwise, you can only rejoin any-time after one-minute of match time has passed up until the match completes. However you only have two minutes to do so without penalty. If you rejoin a match after two-minutes, you will still automatically be marked with a loss an be penalized with a -50 SR cut and a ten-minute suspension. This rule ensures that no one can abusive the leaver system by attempting to return to a match after deliberately leaving in order to avoid such penalties. Furthermore leaving three or more times in a single match will result in an automatic penalty. If you fail to return to a match by the time it ends normally (regardless of match result) you will be penalized.

Performance-based skill rating is a very minor influence on games in Platinum and lower ranks, and is not applied for ranks in Diamond and higher. Learn more about how PBSR and other factors calculate in your skill rating in Kaawumba’s guide here:


On the dc thing:

Yeah as much as it sucks for the person it happens to, it sucks even more for his teammates who have to play 5v6 through no fault of their own. As unforgiving as it sounds, your internet connection is your responsibility when you queue for comp. In fact, I think they should do more to punish dc-ers and leavers, as there’s blame to cast no matter why you left-- you shouldn’t let that situation come up in the first place. There’s a reason quickplay has a backfill system, if you might dc, play that instead.


Your friend is probably spending too much time invisible and not spending enough time actively contributing to the fight. With infinite stealth, it’s easier to unintentionally detriment your team by being absent for so long.