There are no smurfs! Only a flawed MM

Yeah sure, golds comfortably in masters. Nice story bro.

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You’ve clearly never been in a smurf lobby in gold. There are tons of Diamond/Master players stuck in gold playing against each other.

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Please stop, you are making me laugh so hard. Diamond will never be stuck in gold.

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You can choose not to believe something, but it doesn’t make it untrue. It just makes you willfully ignorant.

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Yes so much playing bad on purpose… so much time throwing playing bad just so that they can ‘smurf’ one or two games…

No, reward effort for your scenario does not compute.

It not about believing. Its about facts. I am high plat player with peak in diamond. I can be stuck in gold for a while and then i climb into my elo in days, max few weeks of like 2 hours per day? If true diamond or even masters cant climb from gold, they lost their skill long before they made alt acc.

I did climb from silver to plat on this acc in days. So how can someone better not climb from gold? Doesnt make sense.

The point is you, a self confessed plat, did not throw your way to silver, the MM put you there. When you were your same skill in silver, other players may have viewed you as a ‘smurf’.

But you weren’t throwing games when your account default started you in gold. The MM gave you team potato to put you there for a while, before you rose to your skill appropriate rank.

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I’m a 3600 peak McCree one trick currently stuck in gold. Also I’ve been back and forth between gold and diamond/low master on tank more than once. Why are you saying its a joke when you admit you can also be stuck in gold for weeks as a diamond player?

there’s a term for someone who peaks masters and cant carry in gold. Its “boosted”

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Depends what your definition of carry is. Being the best dps in most of my games and having good stats is easy, but winning is hard because the game relies on your team too much. Who boosted me to master if I got there playing solo queue? Maybe a little washed but I’m definitely not boosted. This game is heavily team reliant unlike other games where 1 thrower doesn’t make much of a difference. But in ow 1 thrower can hurt your team more than having a GM on your team can boost it.

Considering currently. There are currently four top 500 streamers in the gold plat range that I know of who are playing there intentionally.

At the same time the matchmaker can occasionally drag you down to where you don’t belong where you have to climb back up and are stomping on players as you do it.

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Basically overarching is an exceptionally easy game to throw in and make your teammates lose.

The performance bonus doesn’t stop people from dropping much so people constantly move down to ranks way beneath them entirely due to throwing and afking.

Lost like 4 in a row due to afks one day last week.

Mm then placed me in games 300+down because it is confused as to why i am losing.

Stomped my way back up.

Afterwards i see one player ina game like 50 percent better than the rest of us and wonder did he also fall easy below where he belongs because people threw games he could have carried just because they were mad.

The highest I’ve ever placed a new account is low diamond. I physically cannot place the account at an appropriate rank. To blame the player in that situation is stupid at best.

There are nothing but smurf accounts in bronze anymore. Nobody’s bought a brand new account for the first time on this game in YEARS.

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I think MM has issues. I think a lot of issues would go away if everybody only ever played on one total account. Every time a player starts a new account and climbs up, they upset the balance. If they are really good and carrying a team then that team is possibly winning games that they maybe shouldn’t be winning, and vice versa a team could possibly be losing games that they should be actually winning.

MM has issues, and multiple accounts smurfs or not and MM thinking everyone should start out in gold/plat is a big part of ruining comp to me.

Because climbing is hard and time consuming so it takes time, weeks if you dont play enough. But i was talking about smurfs who went to gold on purpose or people who werent higher before. If your peak is masters and you are stuck in gold after you dropped there (not on purpose) you were clearly boosted. Can you screenshot your master peak?

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Or someone’s having a good day and there isn’t any conspiracy.

Matchmaking finds your average skill level. If you’re inconsistent, then your highs are going to seem out of place in your rank. Not to mention, your lows are going to be absolute trash, which is also why people think “how can this person be the same rank as me? Matchmaker has to be rigged.”

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Most of the time in my experiences these smurfs either use the games to warm up or are there for more relaxed games by comparison and don’t play their mains. You don’t need to be top 500 to smurf, you just need to intentionally put yourself in a lower rank from where your normally are.

Golds can smurf in Bronze even Silver. It doesn’t really matter where they come from but they are in 1/5 games guarnteed. The concept of them having to be below lvl 30 and 1V6 a team to be a smurf is entirely invalid and often what the hidden smurfs use to make the claim that the issue isn’t as large as it really is.

In addition not every smurf is on DPS either. They also go to support and play DPS ana. Or tank and troll around on ball/hog.

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That’s also another issue, even pro players cannot seem to take a fresh account and place Masters+. They will get the account to GM swiftly sure, but the placements barricade them below Masters constantly.

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They ain’t diamond or master unless u talkin bout te smurfs, there are a lot of ppl with gr8 aim in gold and Plat(dat may actually belong there) but lack positioning, game sense, cool head, ability management to provide enough value through the course of many games to rank up